Obama Constituency Strikes Again! Or Living In The Land Of Morons!

By: Michael John McCrae

The FoxNews.com article was: “Mustached Americans seek tax break for grooming products”, dated 20 February 2012. The first paragraph says it all: “As Congress pays lip service to Americans seeking tax reforms, an underrepresented constituency has a hairy proposition — getting lawmakers to approve a $250 tax refund for mustached Americans.”


Okay, I quit. I am going to stop working. I am going to stop paying taxes. I am going to collect 99 weeks of unemployment. I am going to get my food stamps. I am going to get Obama to send me free condoms and birth control for my wife. And now? I am going to demand I get $250 for mustache trims!


Has America gone completely, stark, freaking MAD!


How about a tax credit or rebate for manicures, pedicures and false teeth cleansers? What about that pesky ear hair? Why not rebates for artificial tanning and bikini wax? Where does all this “Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!” end?


We have liberal democrats introducing legislation to get mommies free diapers. We have a liberal democrat operative who has enough money to a vacation to California, but not enough to buy her birth control pills. She goes before the socialist enabler Nancy Pelosi to beg congress to force a Catholic University to deliver free birth control to her door because she’s going broke protecting herself from sex, or for sex or something equally ludicrous.


If the mustache guys get their tax rebate I can picture every single man, woman and democrat named “Pelosi” in America growing facial hair for pizza money! I want nothing to do with it. I don’t even want an appearance that might associate me with this fathomless group of abject morons! I just shaved my mustache! I refuse to burden American taxpayers with my personal narcissism (like a certain communist-American president).


Q: Just how many democrat politicians does it take to screw in a fifty-dollar light bulb? A: Just as many as it takes to pass a tax break for growing and maintaining facial hair. The “American Mustache Institute” and all their wooly associates need to get a life and get their collective hands out of the pockets of clean-shaven American taxpayers!


American culture is rotting. Americans used to take care of themselves. Americans didn’t run to the government every time some bully bloodied someone’s nose. Other Americans stood up to the bully; protecting the innocent victim. These days everyone seems to be a victim. Everyone seems to believe they are owed something. Life isn’t fair. Oh! Boo-HOO!


These days we have the great enabler sitting in his castle offering goodies to his union buddies, his bundlers and his czars. I can picture a “Mustache Czar”. I can picture two-thousand pages of regulations on what constitutes a mustache; qualifying for a rebate. I can picture President Barack Hussein Obama growing a mustache just to qualify for the $250. This is how out-of-control America’s entitlement society has become.


The only real “underrepresented constituency” left in America is the American taxpayer.

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