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March 18, 2012

The Proposed Tennessee Resolutions of 2012

Proposed by Publius Huldah.

1. Resolved, That the States composing the United States of America are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to the federal government; but that, with the Constitution for the United States, they established a federal …

Grandma Mary’s Passion For Life Could Be The Key To Defeating Obama

Filed under: Politics In General - 18 Mar 2012

While in Wisconsin fighting to defeat Obama’s minion’s recall of Gov. Walker, I met Grandma Mary.

Folks, I can not get this woman out of my mind. Grandma Mary is very active in the pro-life movement. Grandma Mary’s passion for the …

Tale of Two Campaigns – The Slogan of 2008 – The Acronym of 2012

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 18 Mar 2012

In the 2008 election, the slogan ‘Change we can believe in’ carried the willing like the mind bending smooth and seamlessly executed arpeggios of the Pied Piper. When the followers got weary they were egged on by other familiar tunes …

Is Fox News A Patriot? Not!

Judge Napolitano had an informative Patriot television show on FOX News cable network called “Freedom Watch”. Everyday he would inform the American people, especially all those who believe America was and still the greatest Country in the world that is …