Is Fox News A Patriot? Not!

By: William P. Frasca

Judge Napolitano had an informative Patriot television show on FOX News cable network called “Freedom Watch”. Everyday he would inform the American people, especially all those who believe America was and still the greatest Country in the world that is represented by Life, Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of happiness for all. He continually brought to mind the modern day malicious malpractices initiated by our Federal government including all individuals, groups or organizations, whose sole purpose is to gain full dominance, while limiting an denying most of our God Given inalienable American freedoms. They totally disregarded or wrongly interpreted the Constitution to support and impose their beliefs. This was an essential show full of important warnings, dangers and knowledge.

Fox News was always considered and well identified as the last resort and refuse of all that is truthful, equal and balanced. The final oasis in a dry desert full of meaningless sarcastic voices full of non-sense, bigotry, demigods, mockery, and lies compounded by insults of ineptness, by the liberal press. They were always associated as the symbol of truth, honoring and defending the voices of the people, representing the silent majority. These citizens and patriots are continually and constantly being harassed, stymied and misrepresented from all fronts of attack, except for conservative talk radio? Fox always had the premise of truly believing in the Constitution, especially adhering and protecting the individual’s First Amendment Right to Freedom of the Speech.

This of course accelerated their audience ratings, which far exceeded their competitors on the other cable network, MSNBC and CNN that totally caters to the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, and the Progressive Ideologies of enhanced Government Control, bias, bogus lies, innuendoes and a slave to their own political correctness. They’re a total sham and shill, manipulated puppets to our President Barack Hussein Obama, “Their Chosen One” who completely controls their every move. They have sold themselves and their profession out in every way, shape and form in defending his lack of ability, skill, uselessness and ineffectiveness, geared towards his re-election.

Some of the established shows initiated on Fox were not only innovated and refreshingly new, but they were also well accepted with an enlightened alternative voice, such as Glenn Beck, and Judge Napolitano. These commentators chose the path of liberty and freedom by going back to our Nation’s grass roots of existence.

They gave a complete, step by step unbiased detail in history that showed the slow deterioration of our Country by a Liberal/Progressive Government ruling and dominating its people instead of the people ruling and dominating their government. They went against the present established status quo which created a hostile environment, especially to all those who had the unmitigated gall and arrogance to dictate and diminish all our God Given inalienable rights as American citizens for their own self serving power. Did Fox pull an Obama by bowing down and yielding to political pressure from the left, abandoning their audiences on the right?

Why did Glenn Beck really quit Fox News at the height of his popularity? And why was Judge Napolitano fired? Where was that same identical outraged expressed when Juan Williams was fired from NPR (National Public Radio)? Fox gave him full employment, as a show of support, condemning their actions? Could it be that what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander with Fox News. Do they have the audacity of portraying themselves as Judge, Jury and Executor of certain selective forms of free speech, and is guilty of discriminatory social muteness?

Was Fox News running scared of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and their arrogant, conceited leader Barack Hussein Obama? Or did they use these two outstanding individuals as an example and punished them as a reminder, to all those who have the strength, courage and fortitude to speak their independent minds, without permission? Was this also a reminder and warning to all those who might want to rebel against the established ideologies, endorsed propaganda and agenda approved by the management on Fox? Is Fox finally showing their true colors?

The Judge, as well as Glenn Beck had numerous unorthodox ways of capturing their audiences, speaking up against the oppressive behavior our government has developed throughout the years. We obviously didn’t get to this point of manipulation, mandates, forced compliance, and reduced non-existent recognition of the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution while ignoring the will of the people overnight. It took years, to manufacture this exploitation in which Glenn Beck and the Judge constantly reminded us.

Isn’t it ironic that shortly after Mr. Beck decided to withdraw his employment from Fox News, his friend and associate, the Judge was fired? Whether Glenn Beck was forced to make this new career move or not, he saw a positive justification to go on his own establishing his own network on the internet, free to speak his mind. Is freedom of speech dead, absolutely not, as long as we have high caliber fearless Americans such as these? Who have these outstanding qualities, qualifications and characteristics that truly believe in America freedom?

Is Fox joining the ranks of the bought and sold media? Are they genuflecting to restricted managed compliance of political correctness and liberal sanctioned obedience? Has their actions already answered this question? You’ll be the Judge?

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