VP Cheney In My Life or Should it be He did it his Way.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Vice-President Cheney put together a great book. In My Life takes you through many years of American history through the eyes of a great public servant. It is hard not to imagine that he would have been a great president if it wasn’t for his family history of cardiac issues. And fortunately he is still with us today thanks to amazing advances in cardiac care. Just imagine, Kerry and algore said we had the worse healthcare in the world.

I remember the first time I saw Dick Cheney and he left a strong impression of how great this man really was. He was up against the great Johnny Edwards. A fleabag trial attorney who was worth millions was going to debate this “old man”. Well it didn’t take long to realize that Dick Cheney had probably forgotten more then Edwards would ever know.

So why is VP Cheney so great? That’s pretty simple in practice, he was just about every where making and advising folks on important decisions. He also served this country as a Representative, Whitehouse Chief of Staff, and Secretary of Defense.

It becomes obvious that to be a great leader you need to be a doer and a We person. When you hear a Reagan speech or a Cheney speech or a Bush speech, you hardly ever hear the Me word. These leaders are here for one and only one purpose and that is to lead this great country and to get things done. They are not infallible like the pope, but they are smart enough to make course corrections that don’t bottom out the country.

But when you hear an Obama or a Clinton, it is all about me, me and me. And it is always tough to be a likable leader when you are always trying to bend over far enough so you can kiss your own butt.

But as you read books by folks like Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney and President Bush, you won’t see much about blame; you see responsibility and getting it done.

Dick seems to have little love for Powell and Rice. It becomes obvious that there is a big difference in being a diplomat and being a leader. Secretaries of Defense do not have much time or disposition to be a diplomat. If there is a war to fight or an objective to achieve, point them in the right direction, and get out of the way and they will get it done.

And when you look at Secretaries of State, except for maybe Kissinger, they can’t get much done because they are busy not getting things done. Cheney spends a bit of time writing about North Korea. It is one of the axis of evil countries. There was a simple objective: The Free World did not want North Korea to develop nuclear capability. For years or decades the Free World has dumped billions of dollars on North Korea to convince them to give up their nuclear ambitions. So that is what we call today diplomacy. And granted it may work if you are dealing with an honorable country that is lead by an honorable leader. Rice and Hill should have known that North Korea like Obama can not be trusted. When you can’t rely on a leader’s word, there is not much you can rely on for diplomacy. It is like dealing with a spoiled child. When you are treating them like an adult, you can not really expect them to act responsibly. If they can’t have their way, they will lie and cheat to get it.

And it seems that when you pussy foot around with these guys like Sadam, you really just become a laughing stock for the rest of the world. If you have set out to achieve certain objectives, and you want to really achieve them, there is a point where diplomacy is absolutely useless.

I am sure if Sadam was alive today, he would still imagine that the United States and the Coalition would never dare to attack his country. That’s because a bunch of diplomats convinced him that it would not happen. And this should also hold true for North Korea, if they refuse to achieve the objective, ultimatives must be in place and they must be carried out. I just think that diplomats like Clinton, Obama, Rice and Powell do not have that capability. Again it appears that We and the Me problem gets in the way. The Me person will be more concerned with what the world will think about their decision. And the We person will be focused more on the good of the country. Vice-President Cheney is a We person.

It is like trying to form a peace treaty with the Taliban. Are you really serious? Or are you just a lunatic?

Couple other points of interest for the liberals. The Al Qaeda folks were in Iraq before we kicked their butts. And only President Ford made the decision not to run with VP Rockefeller. Even though the reelection bid only lost by a few thousand votes, I think money bags would have won out over a pineapple. But it seems that liberal Nelson had a problem getting along with a bunch of conservatives like Rumsfeld and Cheney.

In closing the American voter must understand that an Obama and a FDR do mean well. In their minds and hearts they really think they deserve to have a monument named after them. In the end most of their policy decisions they think are new and innovating but they are merely old socialistic agendas that lead to loss of freedom and liberty.

VP Cheney had it right. And he let President Bush run the country without his interference. I just wish in 2008 they were aware that the banks and the Democrats were destroying the economy by lowering the housing appraisals. If they realized this in early 2008 they may have been able to apply pressure to stop it. Instead we ended up with Obama and he has no clue or desire to fix the economy. Just fix the appraisals and the economy pops up quicker then an Italian cruise ship that is no longer run a ground.

When VP Cheney had his last surgery it appears that he was put in a coma for a while. His light at the end of the tunnel was a quiet homestead in Italy. No wonder he wasn’t too happy when they woke him up.

For the whole country, I would like to thank Dick Cheney for being there. He took a great deal of abuse, but at the end he won the war. He completed the 8 years and he helped to keep the country on a safe and sound foundation. We can only hope that starting in 2013 we can get a new group of leaders to bring us back on course for prosperity, and capitalism and freedom.

If you get a chance take a look at the book, it’s a great history book and it gives you a great incite as to what it takes to run a country.

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