PETA = Hypocrites!

By: Michael John McCrae

The February 24th article by Alexandra Myers is titled: Documents: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care”.


It is on record. PETA has been killing the greater percentage of animals they pester the American public for funds to “rescue”. They are hypocrites. The article tells us that many of the animals are killed within 24 hours of being “rescued” and that in all of 2011, PETA found homes for only 24 animals. The rest were killed to the tune of “1,911 cats and dogs”.


PETA justified their actions by claiming they did not have the capacity to house the remaining animals despite an annual budget of $37 million (That’s Million!). Gee! I wonder how many PETA personnel count themselves in that one percent the “Occupy” movement is forever screaming about?


Alexandra Myers reports: “Fifteen years’ worth of similar records [“obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services”] show that since 1998 PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, VA.


Okay, we can’t eat meat. We can’t wear fur. We should send all those fuzzy-wuzzy creatures to PETA for protection. They have a $37 million budget and cannot build, find or otherwise make space enough to keep animals “rescued” alive long enough to find them a home. That might take precious profits, used to generate their borderline-pornographic solicitations for contributions. Does PETA contribute to liberal, socialist, Democrat Politicians? Does a bear crap in the woods? Well, not if PETA rescues the bear!


Now the 27,000 number is only for the Norfolk, Virginia facility. How many other “facilities” does PETA run? How many thousands of other dogs and cats have been “rescued” this way by PETA?

Then this morning (16 March) I heard a report from Fox News that the New Jersey State Legislature had to put up a $16K “Emergency Appropriations” bill to keep the statehouse rolling in toilet paper or be shut down for “unsanitary” conditions. Now why would I even mention that here? Well, it seems PETA offered the New Jersey Statehouse “FREE” toilet paper! (Now, nothing is free remember.) Anyway, PETA told the State of New Jersey that they would be happy to supply all the statehouse toilet paper needs if they didn’t mind, that printed on each tissue was a little “Vegan” saying or two about saving our world’s furry friends! (EAT A CARROT; SAVE A BEAR!)


How much money do you suppose PETA spends on printed rolls of butt-wipe?  They can be willing to keep a perpetual flow of printed propaganda for tons of a State Legislature’s crap, but they cannot spend any appropriate amount of cash to feed and find homes for the animals they take in?


Well, I’m ready to call PETA and accept free toilet paper the rest of my life! I’ll be more than glad to spend my remaining days on earth wiping my soiled rear-end with their hypocritical messages!


Read Ms. Myers’ report!

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