No Credit

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by Kelly Strong

So I was sitting in church last Sunday (Mormon) and talking to a cute lady (60ish) about church things (okay, politics). She indicated she hoped Mitt could “pull it off” and make it to the White House and when I told her simply that I thought he was “going to do it” she looked surprised (stunned). She asked me if I really thought that. Yes, I really think that, I said. And yes, I have a serene and peaceful sense that we will call Mitt “Mr. President” next year.

Others around me are not quite so serene (freaked out) and fear that a different Republican will end up running against Obama and then proceed to lose, a la McCain. They started gently discussing this election year in January, as if overtly discussing it in December would jinx the process. They were nervous about the primaries beginning and for some it seemed to almost affect their daily living; couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. Somehow I remained tranquil. Inside I understood that the year ahead would be difficult (inhuman) as we watched our candidates battle it out (beat their brains in). But I also knew inside that the outcome would be a win for our Mitt, and I began the year sanguine that our time was finally here to see Obama shown the door (sent far away).

What I didn’t anticipate was the lack of credit given once Mitt started winning some of the contests, and most of the delegates.

Who knew that, with every debate we watched, Mitt would get stronger and more commanding. Who knew that he would articulate so well the dreams and hopes for our nation? Who knew that he and his candidacy would get more durable and inspiring each passing day?

The media and pundits and Fox News didn’t know. The right wing establishment didn’t know. Palin and Limbaugh don’t know (called into his program and invited him for a two hour massage but that’s another story for another day).

Every day I’m told Mitt’s following is fragile and weedy and pathetic. I’m told I lack enthusiasm for his candidacy and that those hundreds upon hundreds of thousands who are supporting and working and voting for him do so without fervor. Well, they’re mistaken (stupid). We are fervent and zealous for his talent and cause, and some of us better speak up about it.

He is valiant and true to his family and church and country. He lives a life of decency that, while demeaned by the left, is an example for all. He has earned his living working hard and being honest. He has paid tithes to his church which in turn provides amazing humanitarian service around the entire globe, and he has served his fellow man to an amazing degree.
Some plucky souls have spoken out about Mitt’s attributes, Ann Coulter among them. Her column offering robust support of Mitt was impressive. There are more out there (right?), and I’m looking for them every day. But rather than wait it out, I’m one of the now-plucky ones who say, we are passionate about our Mitt, and seriously, know deep down inside, he’ll move in to the White House next January. Let’s give him some credit! ‘Bout time!

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