Times Poll may be Truthful but is Obama’s approval of 41% really that high?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The latest Times/CBS Poll was a gasser.  Most of it doesn’t really make any sense, but it does give Obama an approval rating of 41%.  That is with a DK (Don’t Know) of 12. Normally it is about 7 so you have 5 extra people that could not bring themselves to approving or disapproving of Obama. Assuming they really wanted to give him the disapproval nod, then Obama’s disapproval would be as high as 52%. So if the election was held today, Obama would lose by a landslide. No matter how many Hank movies we make, no matter how many millions the liberal celebrities give Obama, Obama loses big at the end.


The dumbest question or result is at the end. The question asks have you ever used birth control or contraceptives personally and don’t vote yes if your partner did and you did not. 2 were a DK. So 2 people had sex and didn’t know if they used contraceptives. Or maybe they didn’t know what a contraceptive was. And aspirin between the knees is really not a contraceptive.


But a whopping 35% voted that they never used contraceptives. I think what the Times really wanted to know was:  Have you as a woman ever used the Pill? And then it would be reasonable that the “no” could be about 35%.  Obviously if you were a female and engaged with condoms then the response would be no. So the Times failed again to word the question the way it needed to be in order to find out how many females have ever used the Pill for contraceptive purposes.   A nice follow-up question would be was it covered in any part by your prescription plan?


The overall basis of the participants was useless. They denoted who was registered, who was Democrat or Republican registered voters and who were primary voters. Since the primary has not occurred in NY or the surrounding areas at the time of the survey, then it was kind of bogus. It would have made more sense to ask did you vote in the last primary and or election and do you plan to do so this year?  If you used only the respondents who vote, the results would be more meaningful. Do we really care about the opinion of someone who does not vote?


So looking at that aspect, 31 % did not vote in the 2008 election. And one poor soul didn’t know if she voted in the 2008 election. Maybe she voted, but just maybe the vote was never counted. That is just too high of a number. Those 32% should have been eliminated from the survey.  Or keep their count separate for amusement value, but why would you include them in the count. What if all 31% gave Obama a favorable approval rating?


In 2008, 32% claimed to vote for Obama and 28% claimed to vote for McCain. Now that’s not too shabby for a poll based in liberal NYC.


16% had no religious preference, 4% didn’t know. And 22% never go to religious services and 1% didn’t know. So accordingly, about 80% of the folks have some religious affiliation. And it can be assumed that of the 22% there are some affiliated, but don’t attend services. So it is hard to believe and very unpopular for someone like Obama and his liberal comrades to be pushing a secular agenda while over 80% of the population is non-secular.


There was a question on all employers opting out for total coverage of female birth control pills. 51% voted to allow employers to opt out.  And only 40% voted not to allow the opt out.


Then the Times had another question which threw in the words “religious affiliated” employers and 57% voted to allow those employers to opt out. Does Obama know this? If he had a half a brain this week, he should forget about this female stuff and stick to creating make believe shovel ready jobs.


Of course the only fair way to handle this so called problem is to give the employees the option to pay for a prescription plan that covers the total cost of the Pill. If the employee takes the option, then the premium for the employer and employee goes up a certain amount for that privilege and luxury. By the way, in most cases the premium increase will be more then the actual cost of the Pill, unless you are already covered for such a benefit.


But maybe if you are in the time of your life not to use the Pill, then you can benefit by not choosing the option and having your premiums lowered. Now that would be cool. When was the last time you saw your premiums go down for the same coverage?


Health Care per se has never been an issue. The cost of the healthcare is an issue. And Obamacare has caused the cost of insurance for a family to go up over $2,000 annually. If you added an adult child, and The Pill, the premiums went up an additional $2,000 or more.


But in the poll, for the question asking for a ranking in problems, healthcare has dropped from 13% in 2010 to 3% today.  That doesn’t make any sense. There are more people today without healthcare then when Obamacare was signed into unconstitutional law. And the premiums have increased by a great deal. I think we can conclude that the more press something gets the more concern it musters. But as the cost of Obamacare which is now at about $2 trillion dollars in 10 years starts hitting the pocketbooks, then we may see a surge in interest in healthcare as a problem, but if the Supreme Court does its job, it will become a do over. But don’t look to see your premiums go down any time soon.


There wasn’t much of a change in any of the other problems facing the nation. Still don’t know what the 17% for the “other” category encompasses. But they did add another category, “politicians/government”. That category went up to 6%. So maybe there is hope. People are starting to realize that the government is the problem and not the cure.


63% feel we are headed in the wrong direction and right track jumped up 5%. I think that’s one of those stupid questions, like do you approve of congress. If this question was re-worded to ask do you think the country is headed in the right direction under the leadership of Obama, the results would be less favorable for Obama.


The Times also created a new social class of people. The liberals like to have some kind of class warfare going at all times. But now we have the Upper class, Upper-Middle class, Middle class, and Lower class. The new class is Working class and that is between Middle and Lower class. So working class must be the only class of people that have to work to survive. The others don’t have to work. They just work for fun! Working class came in at 30%. Don’t you just love it when the liberals create new and different races and now we have new and different classes! You can have a lot of fun with this one. What if you collect welfare but don’t work and consider yourself middle class?  That’s called stupid concepts for stupid people. Maybe the working class is reserved for females who use contraceptives! Sorry, this all just doesn’t make any sense!  


Obama’s handling of foreign policy has sunk to an all time low of 40%. I guess the glow of Bin Laden as been buried at sea.

Obama’s handling of economy had a 39% approval.

And the numbers for the economy have worsened a bit.

So you have to wonder who Tommy Hanks is talking to when he uses propaganda to convince people that the last 3 Obama years have been great.


Bottom line is if the election was held today, Obama would lose. There are liberal pundits out there telling the people all day long how great Obama is and how great his economy is. The majority of the people in this survey vote that the economy is getting worse in the last 3 years. And it is time for Obama to go.


 If Obama really expects to sell Hope and Change for the next 4 years he may be better off in China. 30% of the people will vote for Obama even if he had the head of a Kennedy and the back side of a Clinton. But in the end, the people will decide that it is time for Obama to go. They will build a monument to Obama, but let him admire it from a far. How about as far away as Chicago!

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