Why Obama Must go

By: Craig Chamberlain

There are still those out there in the GOP that think anyone but Romney is the way to go for a nominee. Some of these people would probably rather have a race baiting socialist President than a Mormon. The technical term for these people is “idiot.” Anyone who thinks that Mitt Romney won’t look like George Washington compared to Barack Obama should have their right to vote taken away. In what way would Romney be an inferior President compared to President Obama? There are those out there in the fever swamps of anti Mittdom that think if Romney is elected the next President of the United States he will, after taking the oath of office, look to the American people let out a big laugh and say “suckers!” as he retains, and expands upon, Obama’s policies. They have absolutely no evidence to back up this claim, but they hold onto it like a drowning man holds onto a rope thrown his way. Perhaps it’s anti Mormonism, perhaps it’s the fact that he’s from New England, but there is a group out there that would rather bite off its own tongue and swallow it than vote for Romney. These people need to be reminded of what is at stake here.

Let’s imagine another four years of President Obama. Not a pretty picture is it? Even if the GOP holds onto the House, and reclaims the Senate it won’t have enough votes to override any vetoes, and will spend the next four years bowing to Obama’s demands and cowering at the threat of government shutdowns. Since the start of the Progressive era with Teddy Roosevelt the power of the Presidency has grown overtaking the power of Congress. The executive branch is now the largest in the government, and with all the departments at the Presidents disposal he can simply issue an executive order and bypass Congress. So even if there is a GOP Congress the Obama agenda of green energy, cap and trade, civil rights being turned on its head through the Justice Department, and crippling debt.

We must have a Republican President, and that’s all there is to it. Otherwise the congressional Republicans will never be able to pass their budgets, they will have to keep making deals with President Obama, discretionary spending will keep increasing, defense spending will be gutted, and it will be stimulus, stimulus, and more stimulus. A GOP Congress will never be able to get President Obama to agree to keep the Bush tax cuts, or to allow drilling off the gulf coast, in ANWR, or in the shale of the Rocky Mountains. A Republican Congress won’t be able to stop the inevitable inflation, the rise in gas prices, or stop President Obamas war on religious freedom. Even if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, which is far from certain, it won’t prevent the President from pursuing Obamacare through the executive branch and bypassing Congress altogether.

Our economy will continue to stagnate as more and more American workers take themselves out of the labor force, prices will skyrocket because we’re spending too much money, our credit rating will continue to fall and we’ll find it more and more difficult to borrow money. Investment will fall, and our status as an economic superpower will be a thing of the past, right along with our status as a military power. We literally cannot afford a second Obama term. America’s decline will speed up and might be irreversible. If you think times are tough now wait until the Obama administration gets its way on energy and you’re paying eight dollars a gallon at the pump. I can’t see that happening with a Republican in the White House.

Let’s consider the foreign policy mess our country will face if President Obama is given a second term by the voters. First of all there are the deep spending cuts that Obama has implemented on our military. It’s hard to be relevant in foreign affairs unless you have some muscle to back you up. That’s why everyone is concerned about China and not so much about Bulgaria. If these cuts are not reversed we will have less than 500,000 men in the U.S. Army. This is an appallingly low number and certainly not enough to meet our commitments around the world. If Obama gets his way then it will be far more difficult for the United States to have influence around the world. Our troubles in such regions as the Middle East will only grow worse.

If President Obama’s cuts are implemented the United States Navy will have fewer than 250 ships, the smallest its been since World War Two. Yes, we would still have the largest navy in the world, but that’s not the point. It would be the largest, but not large enough. We wouldn’t really have a two ocean navy and our ability to project strength would be severely curtailed. And we’re not factoring in the money China is spending to develop its naval forces to build a blue water fleet and challenge the United States. Now is not the time gut our navy.

Our enemies don’t fear us and our allies don’t respect us. And our allies don’t respect us because our enemies don’t fear us. America is getting poorer, and weaker, and that’s not by accident. This administration has set out from the very beginning to do just that and give them another four years and they will have done it and there really won’t be anything we can do about it. Anyone who has reservations about a President Romney I can only say get over it. If some people would rather out of spite allow President Obama a second term rather than have a Mormon in the White House then they will deserve everything that Obama does to them over the next four years.

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