Is There a Dirty Secret behind Obama’s Birth Certificate

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By: Alan P. Halbert

A widely known fact that Obama and his handler’s would like to keep hidden are the Hawaiian Statutes that were in force during the time of his birth in 1961.  Many have written extensively about his Birth Certificates; and how the images on are forgeries.  The question that escapes most everyone is what type of birth certificate does our president really have?  This question is crucial to answer why he stubbornly refuses to submit his documents to any kind of real scrutiny and spent literally millions to keep them all hidden.


The Territorial Public Health Statistics Act of 1955; and the revised laws of Hawaii allowed for the issuance of birth certificates by filing a sworn affidavit as to the facts and circumstances of any birth that occurred in the Hawaiian Islands from 1911 to 1972.  It allowed for a delayed filing to occur up to one year after birth of a child as well.  The Birth Certificate that resulted was a true and correct long form that would have the circumstances of the birth, the name of the child the parents and other data that was required on the application form.


What was not needed was a statement, signature or physical examination of the child or their mother by any medical personnel or midwife.  The birth data could be attested to by a parent, grandparent or anyone that had knowledge about the birth.  This type of certificate application could also be filed by mail, without any official of the State of Hawaii ever laying eyes on the child, parents or attester to the facts in the affidavit and application for birth certificate.  Certificates would then be mailed to the parents of the child after filing and recording.


Many will wonder why such a law would exist as the possibility for fraud is evident.  We have to remember that in 1961 Hawaii and the world was a different place.  Many locations in Hawaii’s eight main islands were extremely remote and far removed from Honolulu where the seat of the Islands government was, much less a hospital or clinic.  Many of these remote locations were only accessible by boat or aircraft where public and private air fields and docks existed to facilitate commerce and transportation.  Many locations were so remote that the only access was by foot or horseback, so Hawaii needed a way to record births within the State from these remote locations.


Another requirement of the law was for the birth to be announced the same as any other   birth in the states newspapers for any application for birth registration that was received by the office of Health Statistics.  The much ballyhooed notification that many supporters of Obama point to for his birth in Hawaii and a hospital is the newspaper announcements of his birth.


It was routine for the office of Health Statistics to release this information at least weekly on any and all births that were sent in to be recorded by the State.  This includes the certificate of birth by affidavit discussed above.


The notification for Obama’s birth was published on August 13, 1961, a Sunday in the Honolulu Advertiser, nine days after his recorded birth date on August 4, 1961 and shows Obama‘s grandparents address in Honolulu.  You can almost hear the air being let out of that balloon as it slowly sinks to the ground.


It does not take a stretch of the imagination to envision that Obama could have been born anywhere on the planet in 1961.  Telephones were available worldwide and all it would have taken was a phone call to Stanley Ann Dunham’s parents in Honolulu to get the ball rolling.  Having a birth registered in Hawaii and the United States would be in the best interest of little Barry and his 18 year old mother.  A forged signature or even a pre-signed application given to them by Stanley Ann his mother, or her parents, would have made the birth certificate a fait accompli.  Couple this with five other facts and it not only seems plausible, but most likely;


1.  Obama’s Mother was last seen in Hawaii in the spring of 1961.  She does not surface in Hawaii until her husband Obama Sr. had left for Harvard in June of 1962 when she registers for classes in Hawaii for spring 1963.  We know she was enrolled in university classes in Seattle in the fall of 1961 thru spring of 1962 with baby Obama in tow, so where was she during this time, spring thru fall 1961?


2.  Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro passport records are missing from the State Departments archives.  These records could have shed some light on Obama’s early years, as children were commonly placed on their Mothers passports during this time.


3.  Extensive examination has been conducted on Obama’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB his one and only Birth Certificate) in 2008, and have been deemed to be a forgery by Ron Polarik, PhD.  Dr. Polarik a computer graphics expert developed his examination and opinion by using a scrupulous scientific method, so that others could duplicate his findings.


4.  Now that Obama’s long form birth certificate and his selective service registration card have been declared forgeries by Maricopa County Sherriff’s Investigators.  This calls into question what kind of birth certificate does Obama really have that is in Hawaii‘s document vault.


5.  Sheriff’s investigators have also determined that all of the microfiche records of the INS and Customs declaration forms for Hawaii for the week of August 1st thru 7th 1961 are missing from the National Archives in Washington D.C., convenient.  These records are required of anyone entering the country, regardless of nationality then as now.


Obama has emphatically stated that he is in possession of his “true and certified” copy of his long form birth certificate.  He held a news conference on April 27, 2011 to reveal and announce his newly discovered document to the world.  Which had been impossible to get previously by statements of Hawaiian officials; and his Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs?  To the now immortal statement, “we’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers“, a truly condescending remark aimed at anyone that dare question his nativity.  I would add riverboat gamblers and charlatans as well when it comes to your statements Mr. President.


The questions are now, was Obama’s birth attended by Dr. Sinclair (deceased), or does he have a birth certificate by sworn affidavit?  If it is by affidavit his entire birth narrative would be questioned along with his claim to citizenship, much less natural born citizen status as required in Article II Sec.1 of our Constitution.


To decisively end the matter Obama needs to release his records for examination from Hawaii’s Vital Statistics vault. A forensic analysis of the original records is necessary to clear this matter up once and for all.  This can be done thru Hawaii Statute §338-18 with Obama waiving any confidentiality requirements (as he did in April 2011) and allow his records to be examined.


We know these records exist.  Because of the letter to Ms. Fuddy Hawaii Director of Health dated April 22nd which resulted in his “certified birth certificate” he debuted at the April 27th press conference and placed on given to him by the State of Hawaii through his counsel.  An Affidavit from Ms. Judith Corley his personal counsel of the law firm Perkins Cole, attesting to the fact that the birth certificates she received from Ms. Fuddy is the same as the one residing on wouldn’t hurt either.  The refusal to do so is ominous and mystifying, if in fact his records are as he claims them to be!


Mr. President the American People are calling your bluff.  It is now time to show your hand to a waiting nation and world; and let us see what you hold and how solid your claim to the Oval Office really is.

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