Liberty And Justice For All

By: William P. Frasca

What happened to Trayvon Martin was a senseless tragedy and loss of a young life. This should never happen to anyone. My prayers and wholehearted sympathy is extended to his family.

The main stream liberal media and their cable networks always smells blood, especially when there is a so-called alleged White on Black crime. They always jump to conclusion, by manufacturing false events and accusations without reviewing any and all pertinent forms of facts and evidences. They declare their own non-supported conclusion of guilt, without a legitimate form defense. An individual of Caucasian persuasion, or any Non-Black is always, made out to be a racist demon, possessed by the devil, to attack and destroy the Black Race. This is reprehensible non-sense in stupidity. They keep on replaying the same hideous escapades of past atrocities which have no bearing on the present. The days of Segregation are over yet their inept antics and allegations are reviving this ideology, enhancing, reversed inequality.

The racist form of existence in which this Country experienced has been eliminated. Unfortunately it’s reverting back to the extreme opposite, reversing the colors of ignorance, discrimination, prejudice and favoritism towards another race and selective religious affiliations?

All those ignoramuses associated with the bought and sold unbalanced liberal media has the mitigated gall to be judge, jury and executioner of the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman. We do mean alleged, because he wasn’t even charged with a crime? Even if this situation changes, we must still offer and extend him every right, courtesy, protection and privilege given to everyone else. Even though George Zimmerman is only half “White” but these broadcasters of innuendoes relentlessly stress this part of his ancestry. These people are despicable. We as American must stop this prejudicial madness of reverse targeted discrimination?

If we don’t, then we are no better than the hypocrites that show their true colors by being labeled narrow minded and opinionated promoting miscarriages of justice. Where is the outrage, anger and protest from the liberal press, when an alleged perpetrator happens to be Black, and the crime committed is an unspeakable act of violence? Where is the outrage, anger and protest when these sociopaths of human garbage submits brutal sadistic hostile aggressive forms of unthinkable inhuman barbaric acts of cruelty to an innocent White victim or any other identified Ethic Race of People, including Blacks.

Yes there is Black on Black murder and violence? Where’s the outrage, anger and protest. Where’s the predetermined tattooing of guilt without documented information, while denouncing their actions? These erroneous announcements of Media bias, together with our President, Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are the number one culprits in dividing the People of this Great Nation. The relationships between races, religions and financial classes have been at an all time low. Healing has turned into an infectious cancerous blemish.

Are we as a society condoning an uneven unbalanced separation of justice? The accused is always presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is our American form of justice. Yet, they by-pass the law, by choosing to report only certain crimes, and refusing to broadcast any of these unmerciful animalistic tragedies that are inflicted, by certain preferred criminal elements. There’s absolutely no formal rage or unsupported bias accusations. It would probably be posted on the back burner of some third rate newspaper, the internet, or completely stymied by these authoritarian self righteous bleeding hearts. This is a scandalous outrage and abuse of power which gives discredit to their snake oil bogus profession.

Now the circus comes to town lead by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These so-called self proclaimed black leaders, come out of the woodwork whenever its time to stir the pot, enhancing their declining creditability and popularity, boosting and feeding their inflated egos.

They are a scam, a sham, charlatans, endorsing racial separateness and dominance. They live by bullying, pressure and threats. Remember these phony, false accusations administered by Tawana Brawley, accusing six White men and Crystal Mangum, who accused the Duke Lacrosse team. Both made up untrue misleading imaginary scandals. These incidences are only used as an example, on the caliber of people we’re dealing with. We must take their words with a grain of salt? They compound racial hostilities by creating a wedge between the races. These events have no place in our community. They must be silenced, punished and totally discredited. Their voices enhance hate and lies. They’re not leaders but self serving anarchist.

The Black Panthers have also arrived, preaching violent vindication. They stood on their sidewalk pulpits, chanting “We Want Zimmerman Dead Or Alive” placing a bounty on his head, demanding justice, even if it’s by their own hands. George Zimmerman is now in hiding living in fear of his life? This is an uncontrolled vigilante mob announcing and threatening mob violence, singling out their victim. Where is Eric Holder the incompetently racist, United States Attorney General?

Why are they permitted to dictate coercion, horror, fright, panic, intimidation, and possible violence, so openly? Why wasn’t there a single word expressed or an informational report given from the Three Monkeys Liberal Media? Why are they silent? Why are we as Americans silent and accepting these daunting aggressions, without demanding an investigation? This must stop? Mob rule whatever color must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law?

Imagine if the Tea Party urged such non-sense, or was caught standing in front of a voting area on Election Day holding night sticks. They would be chastised and condemned for their actions every second, of every minute, of every day. They would be hounded, arrested, spied upon, raided and harassed by all aspects of law enforcements, associated with the Local, State and Federal Government. This is disgusting. This is definitely a tale of two cities, in which Obama and Holder has already taken sides?

Our first act of duty is to vote Obama out of Office. Vote him out this next November 2012 Presidential election, without any hesitation. Your vote does count; end this nightmare of injustice, inequality, incompetence and selective selection. Let’s make America once again a Country in which we can proudly say these words “Liberty And Justice For All”.

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