Obama the Oil King and Leader of the Flat Earth Crowd, Is it Time for a Change!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

One of the problems with oil is that the industry and the politicians can be pretty slick. When President Bush wanted to do all these improvements to get the foreign oil monkey off our back, the liberals said and protested that it would take too long. You might remember that they said it would take 10 years: What is it going to do for us today?


Now that we are stuck with Obama for 9 more months and where are those pundits? You realize that if we started drilling in ANWR 10 years ago, we would be enjoying the luxury of using all that oil. But due to the Flat Earth liberals the oil sits in the ground and we are still importing expensive global oil at global prices!


One of the biggest arguments so far, is the number of jobs that the Keystone XL pipeline will create. Now we have a bunch of liberal celebrities arguing that we don’t need no stinking pipeline. That’s ok if you have millions and can afford to pay $10 dollars for a gallon of gas. But what about the American jobs?


This project is estimated to cost about $7 billion dollars. You know that’s not true. It will probably cost a bunch more. Let’s mandate that if this pipeline is built in theUnited Statesthen the workers and the material must be manufactured in theUnited States. Assuming we still make most of the products, it must be made in theUnited States.


So let’s assume that they start this project tomorrow.  This is not the first pipeline ever built. And once they get started it doesn’t take too long to build the pipeline. My guess is to manufacture and transport about 800 miles of 36 inch pipe to the construction sites will take a whole lot of American workers. They predict 6,000 construction workers. I find that a bit misleading. The real question is how many of all the workers on the project will be American? That question needs to be mandated and answered in the contracts for this pipeline.


The longer it takes Obama and his liberal comrades to approve this project the longer we are without the precious crude and the American jobs. It is an election year and he must be a jerk! And the Flat Earth Clowns go alone with him. We don’t need the spices fromIndia, and we don’t need the billions of barrels of oil in the ground!


It also must be mandated that if the oil is refined in this country and shipped out of this country there must be a higher tariff placed on that exported oil. If the price of gas at the gas pump goes up, the export tariff goes up as well.


So what is Obama waiting for? The idiot president has approved the lower half of the pipeline. On what Obama basis is the lower half approved and not the upper half? It seems that some of those states could be bought off to vote for ObamaCare, why can’t they be bribed to pass the pipeline? If the main purpose of the pipeline is to transport crude from Canadato the United States, then why would the oil companies invest in the lower half pipeline without the approval of the upper half?


Let’s get back to jobs. So let’s say for argument sake that it only takes 6,000USconstruction workers to put the pipe together. But that doesn’t include the collateral jobs created by the project. Just the coffee wagons alone will create hundreds of American jobs. What about all those government inspectors that need to be paid off.  We need inspectors, surveyors, engineers to make all this work. Since this pipeline crosses several states, it will involve different folks in each and every state. This too will number in the thousands.


Assuming the oil company can reduce its corruption, then the oil refineries and the other end of the business will need to hire more people and increase man hours to process all this crude. Some of this will cancel out the work needed to process foreign petroleum. But if money can be made and the pollution kept in check, why not process the foreign oil as well and actually put theUSeconomy in the black for a change. This revenue could also be used to lower the gas tax at the pump.


In order to complete this massive job thousands of trucks and heavy equipment will be needed to transport and prepare the land for the pipeline. Products like concrete and steel will be needed. Again all of this can be used to create or add more hours to American jobs. And in the end, there will be jobs created to maintain and inspect the pipeline. All the pumping stations will require constant maintenance and repairs. Again more American Jobs!


So the liberals will argue that it will take too long. If you started 2 years ago, it would be that much closer to completion today.


This will also help the economy on several fronts. First off, the oil companies are dumping over $7 billion dollars into this project. That’s a great deal of money to help bolster the American economy. This will equate to jobs and more people paying into the tax revenue system rather then taking money out of the system as unemployment benefits and Medicaid.


Also the mention of building this pipeline will cause the speculators to lower the price of crude on the global market. Let’s hope Campaigning Obama waits about 6 more months before he gets around to approving the rest of the pipeline.


And for the liberals, if we listened to the liberals, we would never have built a great and prosperous nation. Just think they would have never allowed the railroad to cross the nation. It sounds like the “flat earth “crowd would have been the ones preventing the tracks to be laid down. Do you know how many endangered species you would have killed by building a railroad track. What about the pollution? Where are those train toilets going to dump their deposits. What about the Indians? Won’t it scare off their buffalo!


I think you get the picture. If we listened to the liberals we would never have built the railroads and we would all be living like the Amish.  I guess we would all have jobs, but we wouldn’t have advanced and prospered if we listened to the “Flat Earth” liberals.


So why are we listening to the liberals today? Obamacare hurt the economy and now Obama “don’t drill for oil here president” will continue to hurt the economy.  It’s time we stop listening to the liberals and vote for capitalism. It amazes me that a president with zero business experience and zero energy experience would stand in the way of American energy and prosperity. That can be fixed this November.  Vote “No” for Obama and his liberal “Flat Earth” comrades.

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