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April 5, 2012

The Politics of Dick Cheney’s Heart

Liberal pundits strike an interesting pose when defending Obamacare. Bleeding-heart idealists temporarily morph into cold, hard realists on the subject of the individual mandate. “I should not have to pay, either through …

What Barack Obama has Reminded America

Filed under: Politics In General - 05 Apr 2012

By: Harvey Mack

When the history books look back at Barack Obama’s time in the White House, what will be his lasting legacy (besides, of course, that it was the first time in American history that the Commander in Chief wasn’t …

Times Poll Destroys any Sanctity of Obamacare. Who is the Forgotten Man?

Filed under: In The News - 05 Apr 2012

Near the end of March the Times/CBS crowd held one of those classy polls. This time they destroyed Obamacare. Barack can’t be too happy about this one. Again they polled a giant crowd. This one came in at 986. I …