Times Poll Destroys any Sanctity of Obamacare. Who is the Forgotten Man?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Near the end of March the Times/CBS crowd held one of those classy polls. This time they destroyed Obamacare. Barack can’t be too happy about this one. Again they polled a giant crowd. This one came in at 986. I am not sure how you can equate 300 million from a screening of less than a thousand but what the heck.

What these clowns did unintentionally, was to start educating the folks about what is in Obamacare. Very few people know what is in it. And the few that do know are aware that it is the stupidest law ever and it is the last and dying legacy of Obama and his liberal comrades.

And the more people that learn about how useless Obamacare really is and how expensive it will become, the more people will end up not voting for ObamaCare. Just the other day Kucinich was on O’Reilly and he said if the Supremes pull the plug on the dying patient called Obamacare, 50 million people will lose their healthcare. Is this guy a jerk or what? ObamaCare was passed because 7 or 8 million people couldn’t afford or chose not to buy healthcare, so tell me again how 50 million folks will lose their healthcare if Obamacare is thrown in the garbage along with Pelosi and Reid?

One of the first questions asked was Do you approve of Obamacare: 36% strongly approve and approve of Obamacare. 47% disapprove and 16% don’t know (DK). I do respect the DK’s in this case, because the dirty little secrets about Obamacare are just that, Dirty Little Secrets. Basically ObamaCare doesn’t accomplish anything, and it costs a whole lot of money and it hurts the economy. Usually the DK’s seem to be the folks that need to answer questions like did you sleep with that (your) head last night? But the Democrats have continued to keep their sheep in the dark on this one. But since most folks that pay taxes seem to be paying more taxes this year under Obama, maybe they can start to smell the odor of what is rotten in liberalsville.

Now this is funny. 26% want to keep the entire law. These are the deadbeats who would say: I would vote for Ted Kennedy liberals no matter what! 67 % went in the direction of overturning the mandate and or the entire useless law. Hey Obama: In a liberal poll the number is almost 70%. For those who took special liberal math classes that’s a super majority. And the DK’s come in at 8%. If we could possibly educate those folks then the 67% could look more like 75%. Just think it took the liberals about a year to pass this useless unconstitutional law.

Then the question focuses in on ObamaCare hurting you personally. 19% said it would help. Wouldn’t you like to speak to those idiots? And 31% said it would hurt and 43% no effect. What I think the voters were saying here was without considering finances will you derive any benefit. I would think that once the folks understand that they are paying for and being charged for any additional useless benefit (for most) that it is not worth it. And in the end they will pay more and get less. We can only hope that if we asked that question: Do you think you will pay more and get less; the response would be about 99% in agreement. So 99% of those surveyed would say that this Obamacare will cost more and the cost will not outweigh the benefit. Also note that almost 50% of all Americans do not consume any healthcare! But Obama and his comrades want you to pay for healthcare for others.

And question number 7 points us in that direction. 52% think it will raise costs. 15% think it will lower costs. And 43% claim it will have no effect. What planet have these folks lived on in the last year? All premiums have gone up. And if Obama wants you to pay for Fluke’s contraception, you can bet the farm, assuming you have one left, that the premiums will always go up, and that’s assuming you or your employer are paying for healthcare premiums right now.

There was a question pertaining to businesses having to cut jobs in order to be able to afford the mandatory healthcare premiums. This was a question? Do you think it is likely that this will happen? And a whopping 73% thought ObamaCare would affect the economy. 16% voted not too much. And only 9% thought it would not affect it at all. We could only hope that they were all government workers that chose that direction. So 81% believe that the job market will go down because of Obamacare. For the DK’s out there, that means there will be fewer jobs out there because businesses in the United States will not be able to afford to hire more folks and pay the absorbitant costs and taxes of Obamacare.

You could be the dumbest person on the planet, but would you ever vote for a liberal Democrat again if you believe this poll?

Only 20 % claimed to have benefited by the 26 year old rule. Do the idiots know that they paid more to keep their adult children on their healthcare plan?

Only 16 % claimed to have benefited by the pre-existing illness rule. Do those idiots know that they paid more for this benefit on their healthcare plan?

I asked the other day, if we are paying high premiums why is Obamacare going to cost the taxpayer about $2 trillion dollars in the next ten years. And the answer jumped out the other day. Remember when this all began the liberals felt sorry for the 7 million folks without healthcare. Some of these folks choose not to buy healthcare, others can’t afford it. The liberals would say that they had to decide to either pay for healthcare or buy groceries or a big screen TV. The truth of the matter is that since healthcare has increased about $2,000 since Skippy has become president, these folks are less likely to buy healthcare then before 2008. And with the Obama economy, 6-8 million jobs have been lost, so those folks aren’t paying for healthcare either.

So this is the liberal plan. Most people have healthcare today. Technically everyone did before Obamacare. What the liberals plan to do with the $200 + billion a year is to expand Medicaid. Excluding the costs for all the liberal jobs created to run this expensive ObamaCare and the death panels, that $200 billion would be enough to provide healthcare plans for about 33.3 million folks. That means you will be paying for someone else’s healthcare besides paying for your own. The liberals said the rich would pay for this Obamacare. If their lips are moving they are lying!

If you really think expanding Medicaid will help you out, think again. In order for any insurance to work, you need to have more people pay into the pot to lower the premiums. Medicaid money does not pay into the pot. It actually does the opposite. It is the government plans that actually cause your premiums to go up because there are less people paying into the general pot. And it causes your taxes to go up because someone is going to have to pay for the expansion of Medicaid and it won’t be Michelle and Obama. It will be you and the forgotten folks of America.

I am going to start writing about the forgotten man. The poor people will think it is them. And the Blacks will think it is them and this is all because of liberals and guys like FDR. But the Forgotten Men are you. Ya see what happens is someone thinks up a problem. Like there are 7 million folks without healthcare. And the thinkers get together with the liberal politicians and liberal educators and they pass laws to help those 7 million folks. The problem is that the folks who are paying for this expanded Medicaid are you and not the crooks who decided to pass the law. You are the forgotten men. And the liberals and the academia that have never run a business in their lives, decide to help the 7 million and they want you to pay for it. And you had no say in the decision!

It is time for the forgotten man to speak up and tell the politicians to forget about the 7 million and stay the hell out of our wallets. This is another reason not to vote for a liberal Democrat in November. Let’s make them the forgotten men and women! I betcha the economy improves the next day!

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