Martin vs. Zimmerman: Black Power or Justice Gone Haywire?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The liberal media has gone wild on this one. It must be spring break. And it is a tragedy for both families but we seem to be missing a few key elements to the problem. We had a community plague with robberies. And we had a bunch of racists who want to blow this way out of proportion.

And most importantly when anyone dies, it is a tragedy. But in most cases, something stupid or a sequence of stupidity needs to precede needless death. And it really shouldn’t matter if the dead victim is white, black or the color of a rainbow. And for the live victim if we truly live in a free and fair society it should not matter what color or religion he wears as a coat.

Problem number one was the number of robberies. Does this neighborhood need to be protected? If they had such an exorbitant number of robberies, why didn’t the State, Feds and locals place more police in this neighborhood? They are going to say because of the Obama economy and the Democrats plot to destroy the real estate values in Florida, they had to make cuts. That doesn’t sound right to me, but that is life or death sometimes.

Now once this community decided to defend themselves with a neighborhood watch group, well crap could happen. And in this case, it did. Wouldn’t it be better if they put a sign up that stated that this neighborhood has a neighborhood watch system. Each and every homeowner is licensed to have a firearm, and if you enter any of these homes in the community to do harm, you will probably be shot, enter at your own peril! That would have probably solved the problem without Martin having to pay the ultimate price.

The other problem is the attitude of many Black folks. They use words like slavery, profiling, racism and hate. And of course they use it for political purposes and gain and to gain trillions of dollars in aid. And if the White folks are stupid enough to give the money to Blacks then why not keep acting the same way.

But the problem is what does this do to the people growing up as Blacks. You have heard remarks made by Lady Obama and Barack and these folks have never seen a day of prejudice, they learned how to play the system and they played it to the hilt.

I remember when I was about Martin’s age; my father told me a story. My dad’s folks both came from Corleone. And he had an Italian gal probably American born like him on the back of his motorcycle. And he told her he was Sicilian; she jumped off the back of the motorcycle while it was still going. And he actually had a few prospective customers slam the door in his face or kick him out of their house because he was Sicilian. I don’t know why my father told me these stories. I am a pretty optimistic person and never kept this type of prejudice in my heart. But I am sure somewhere along the line, I was probably prejudiced because I had an Italian sounding name, even though I was 50 % Polish and 100% 2nd generation legal American.

But imagine what it must be like to be born Black and to hear this crap each and every day. So every time that something does not go your way you automatically get angry and think it is because you are Black. The teacher gives you a poor grade… It’s because you are Black. The person in the store refuses to take something back… It’s because you are Black.

Could you imagine living like that? If Martin was raised that way, he might have thought that Zimmerman was questioning him because he was Black. Martin was probably filled with rage because he thought Zimmerman was 100% white. But the real reason he was being questioned was because he was a stranger in a neighborhood that has been bombarded by robberies. And Zimmerman was hired so to speak to watch the neighborhood. It was his duty to ask Martin what he was doing in his neighborhood.

And it is reasonable to conclude that Martin being Black and raised Black was offended. It ended up with Martin allegedly being on top of Zimmerman causing injuries to his head. I have seen photos of Martin and he appears that he could easily weigh 180 pounds. But let’s say he was only 160. In the movies Bruce Willis can flick a guy off him with his pinkie. But in real life when someone that size and strength is sitting on you smashing your head; you are probably not going to get him off you with or without your pinkie. And Zimmerman defended his life by allegedly shooting Martin.

I am sure if Zimmerman could do this over he may have shot him in the leg as he approached him assuming that Martin did not sneak up behind him. But I do not fault Martin, I fault all the Blacks and liberals like Obama that have fed Martin all this Black propaganda since child birth. It was the bearers of this propaganda that took Martin’s life, not a bullet that came from the gun.

I personally can imagine the rage that can fill a person that hears this crap day in and day out. And the Black Panthers should be arrested again for their threats that they made on camera. And Spike Lee another champion of Black rights should be arrested as well. These are the people that hate white folks and continue to breed hate among the Blacks.

America just can’t do much more for the Blacks. They have just about bankrupted the country. People don’t hate Obama because he is Black. They hate or despise him because he is a bloomin liberal and he has no clue how to fix the economy. When he uses words like tolerant and activism, he has clearly captured the gold medal title as the worse president we have ever had. And have you ever heard once, just once an apology as to why and what he screwed up. Now that’s a real leader. But it is always someone else’s fault for Obama. It won’t be long before the press blames Obama’s poor poll numbers on racists.

Obama lives in his own make-believe world. And unfortunately because of this racial rhetoric Martin and others like him have to pay the price. It would be a great day in America when the so called minorities stop looking for handouts and start living the real capitalistic dream, not the make-believe failing socialistic dreams of folks like Obama.
And maybe then a child like Martin will act like a real citizen and not like someone profiled. Everyone has a right to protect their person and their neighborhood. We used to have a constitution that allowed that.

It wasn’t too long ago that there was a national election held in Florida. The State said President Bush won. It was clear and obvious. After the liberals caused the spending of millions of dollars, it still came out that President Bush won.

This Martin case was investigated for 5 hours by the authorities and it was found to be no wrong doing. The liberals again want to spend millions and in the end will come to the original conclusion.

The fault lies dear Brutus on the liberals and the Blacks that keep spewing this rhetoric that is hurting their people. I promise you that if you grow up and come down to our level, that the American Sun will shine brighter and more prosperous then ever. Try it, you just might like it!

One final thought, some folks think it is ok to charge Zimmerman and let justice run its course. It has always been constitutionally believed, that you were innocent until proven guilty. That means the prosecutor has to have some kind of credible evidence and that she can win the case in good faith. It is not just a matter of the defendant spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to be part of a legal experiment.

It would be great if we could turn the clocks back and set up a camera crew to film the tragedy. But if you end up on top of someone beating their head to the ground, there is always a risk that something can go horribly wrong. Just because Martin was only 17 does not exonerate his actions and the tragedy. Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug!

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