Obama’s Similarities

By: William P. Frasca

The bogus attacks initiated by his highness our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Modern Day Segregationist”, against the Republican/Conservative Party and other organizations, is a comedy of despicable measures. These tactics can only be identified as Adolph Hitler’s rise to power, self anointing himself as all powerful, using divide and conquer measures to the highest magnitude. These Nazi antics were used to entice hatred and bigotry, condemning all those marked guilty of just existing. They had neighbor fighting and mistrusting neighbor, no one was safe, and no one was trusted. These manufactured separations of selected compromised groups have been proven to be a dangerous abomination.

Now I’m well informed that Mr. Obama is the untouchable, Teflon President and to insinuate that his actions and reactions might mirror those of Adolph Hitler is a true sacrilege. Look what happened to Hank Williams Jr.? The Liberals whether they are truthful or not are always extended the double standard privilege. Remember what they called and portrayed President George W. Bush. This is a free Country, with a guaranteed right to freedom of speech in our Constitution. I’m just exercising my appropriate entitlement.

This unorthodox theme was echoed throughout Nazi Germany, with enhanced falsified propaganda, targeted to demean and demonize a particular category of collective characteristics associated with certain races, creeds, colors and religions. There was a constant stench of narrow mindlessness in the air stressing intolerance. The thick suffocating atmosphere, of prejudice, was intoxicating their will, enhancing their primary choice of ludicrous ideology, preaching unjustified vengeance towards a manufactured enemy.

This was their claim to fame and the people handed them unreservedly the reins of power without any legitimate morals, opposition or protest. They freely offered up their rights and privileges, for a shackled society. They accepted their new subservient zombie role and contemptible actions, by following direct orders, without question, committing senseless vile, contemptible, unmerciful, acts of death, murder, torture and destruction for their Furor Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich.

This just in case you didn’t know was the start of World War Two. This unbalanced mentality tragically and viciously killed millions of innocent victims by a warped unstable sadistic form of government and sick beliefs.

No matter how extreme or outrageous the circumstances are portrayed with lies and innuendoes, they were accepted by some if not most of the populous. Regrettably, this dangerous nonsense of social division is actually happening here in America today.

This shameful display of leading the people by disconnection is an unacceptable, unjustified way to stay in power. This President has been a modern day demigod of disavowing his responsibilities, totally denying his incompetence and ineptitudes by blaming everyone else for his own failures. The old saying, of highlighting any and all accusations, defects and mistakes committed by someone else, especially their opposition, to hide their own faults, unscrupulous behavior and lack of success is a disastrous treacherous philosophy of increasing one’s vanity. Obama is the perfect Pontius Pilate, washing his hands of all guilt.

Remember these immortal words from President Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time”.

The diversionists of his Socialist Marxist Democratic Party are still blaming President George W. Bush for all the mishaps we are experiencing well into the final phase of Obama’s first term. This we hope and pray will be his last, and he won’t be re-elected?

When does a person take responsibility for their own actions? When will the people realize that the “Chosen One” is not the new Mosses leading them out of the desert of despair and financial ruin? When will they realize that they made a big mistake? Obama is definitely not a leader, but an unconscionable destroyer.

He is developing a make believe war on women. He divides the rich from the poor. He mocks certain religions. He relentlessly dreams up new ways to create phantom attacks, enemies and social destruction, throwing anyone “under the bus” for his own arrogant conceited self importance. Who would have thought that our biggest hindrance would be our President? His snake oil, dishonest used car sales pitch to the American people has added to our decline, shame on him.

The American people are being duped into fighting and accusing one another, instead of rejecting the forked tongue verses and perilous manipulations of Obama, together with the Socialist Marxist Democratic Party and The Progressives.

I didn’t want to bring the same old analogy in identifying our present day situation, but the similarities are too uncanny. Pre-war Germany basically never thought in their wildest dreams or could even imagine that situations would escalate into extreme madness, initiated by an uncontrollable unchained government that had no respect for human life, but it did happened. This you might say will never come to pass in the United States of America, but did you ever hear of this expression, “never say never”.

When you see situations go into uncontainable violent rhetoric, property damage, physical attacks or any form of terrorist acts directed towards a particular individual, business, group or class of people, they must be stopped immediately and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, without having someone throwing more wood and gasoline on the fire, while fanning the flames.

This November 2012 election you must register and vote, to save our Nation from this internal destruction of hated, bigotry and class warfare. This has been obviously escalated by those affiliated with Obama and the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party, who are desperate to stay in power, by any means. May the Good Lord Please Bless and Protect America always, especially from ourselves?

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