It’s Romney or Bust

By: Craig Chamberlain

The right wing of the Republican party, especially the evangelicals, still have misgivings about Mitt Romney being the nominee for President of the United States. My advice to those people: get over it. There’s not going to be a sudden surge from Gingrich, there’s not going to be a brokered convention. Romney is now the nominee, and that means that the party made the best choice. Those who dismiss the governor as a New England liberal should actually look at his record as governor. Any liberalism from his time in office can be attributed to the state legislature which has been dominated by Democrats for decades. If Romney had gotten his way he would have governed from the right, but this is Massachusetts we’re talking about.

For Republicans it shouldn’t be so complicated. Whether we are conservatives, evangelicals, libertarians, moderates, or Rockefeller Republicans it all comes down to one question. Would Romney make a better President than President Obama is? That’s it. That’s all we need to talk about. That’s all we need to ask. President Reagan made it simple in 1984 when he asked of the American people: are you better off than you were four years ago? When the American people asked themselves that question he got 59% of the popular vote and won 49 out of 50 states.

The odds that Romney will win such a victory are non existent. The country is a much different place than it was in Reagan’s day. The demographics have radically changed, the issues are different, the electorate is far more polarized, and the new media has a big impact on information- and thus a presidential campaign. This doesn’t mean that the GOP can’t win. Far from it. In fact the only way I see the President being reelected is if certain elements of the GOP act like petulant children, take a pouter, and stay home on election day. Let’s be perfectly clear not voting is the same as voting for Obama, and every vote will matter because this is going to be a close race.

President Obama won only 52% of the popular vote in 2008. He did this by appealing to minorities, independents, and voters under 30. However even though he didn’t win a crushing victory in the popular vote the increased turnout allowed him to flip nine states that President Bush had won in 2004. Many of these victories were razor thin. What he really did was take Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico by small margins and increased his victories in Democratic states over John Kerry’s margin of victory in 2004. He was able to take some swing states, and the blue states got bluer.

He can’t rely on this same strategy in 2012. He still has the minority vote, but it’s unlikely that they-especially Hispanics- will turn out for him in the same numbers, the youth vote is also flagging in its enthusiasm, and the independent voter abandoned ship on him in 2009. The states that he took from the GOP will all be up for grabs in November. Romney is likely to reclaim them all with the exception of Iowa, and New Mexico.

Obama still has his supporters,( I call these people parasites) according to polls of likely voters he and Romney are tied at 45% each. That’s bad ground for an incumbent. Which is why Obama is pretending he is not the incumbent. He wants the American people to get amnesia and forget that the last four years ever happened. The President still has his supporters and he will try to appeal to the 10% who are currently undecided with a combination of fear and bribery. Bribe the youth vote, scare the minority vote. Hope and Change has been replaced by despair and fear.

Conservatives will have no one to blame but themselves if President Obama wins a second term. Mitt Romney would be an infinitely better President than President Obama is. If he wins reelection there will be no going back. The chance to return America to its rightful place as a constitutional federal republic, guided by the free markets will be gone. America will become a social democracy and it will remain that way. If conservatives, out of spite, don’t do everything in their power to see that Romney is elected then we deserve to lose everything. And we will. This election determines the fate of the United States. Are we a free people with a limited government? Or are we a nation of serfs governed by Leviathan? That’s our choice in November. Let’s see that we make the right one.

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