Obama and his War on Women: Is it Actually for Real!

By: Dr. Dan Phillips

There are a couple of problems with Obama’s election strategy. Part of his class warfare is to convince women they will have a better deal under Obama. And the other problem is Obama wants to tax the rich. But if Obama could tax the rich, what will he do with the money?


Let’s see if we can educate a few women. This is an interesting question to ponder. We all know that women are the majority of the population by about 3%. In other words there are more women then men. So when liberal Obama says he will tax the rich so they can pay their fair share, how many women does Obama expect to pay more in taxes?


I am going to make a hypothetical suggestion here, but there are more rich women out there then there are rich men. Let’s not use the Obama rich threshold of $250,000, let’s use the million dollar mark, which really isn’t all that high today.


If we look at the top ten rich lists thanks to Wall-Mart:  20% of the top ten are women. So we are getting close to 50% without even trying. Most of the men who are worth a great deal of money are married to … Drum roll please… Women!


And some where along the line the rich couples have community property, maybe file jointly but these women own half or almost half of these funds. And factor in the fact that most women outlive the men, the women and their children end up with most of the loot or a controlling interest in the money either by trust or direct control.


So it is real easy to come to the same conclusion, unless most of these men are gay, women control more then 50% of the “rich” money.


Let’s factor in divorce. Trump alone has made at least 2 women rich not counting his children. And at least one of them is a female doing quite well financially.


You get the point, when Obama targets the rich, he is also targeting women. What Obama is really trying to bamboozle you with is the fact that there are some single moms who are struggling because they hooked up with losers. But what about all the women who make or have married into a great deal of money? So this creates a serious problem for Obama. Which women does he want to be fair with? Stupid women who don’t realize there are women like Madonna and Streisand who have a great deal of money. Should they be required to pay more, or should it just be greedy, smelly men that need to pay more to Obama?


Just a side note, if you check on line for health insurance, I don’t see any provision for the pill for women. I thought King Obama ruled that all women will get free pills for contraception with their insurance. No deductible and no co-pay. I guess the insurance companies didn’t get the memo. Looks like there is still a $15 dollar co-pay and a whopping increase in the premiums to do so. I guess that is another Obama plan that has failed. Again it would be cheaper to pay for your own pills then to buy “The Pill” through the insurance company each and every month. Way to go Obama!  If I was a woman, I would vote for you…Not!


There are a lot of ignorant people that think that if Obama raises taxes they will benefit. Now Obama uses big words like fair share and fair this and that. But fair per se is a platitude. It has no quantitative or qualitative value. In other words it is a smoke screen. Like hope and change, it meant nothing and it proved to achieve no results.


The problem with Obama’s big tax plan of communism is that he has not planted the vision in the minds of the voters about how this stolen money will trickle down to them. The average voter believes Obama is a liar but he has said nothing about what he would do with all the rich women’s tax money.


Obama has proved over and over that he can outspend the average presidents like President Bush and Clinton by several trillions of dollars, but what will he do with the rich women’s tax dollars?


Most idiots think that he will pay down the debt. Did you hear him say that? If he really believed in paying down the debt then he would have a plan and a teleprompter to do so. Obamacare is not a plan to pay down the debt, but it is a plan to increase the debt by maybe twofold in a decade or two.


And Obama has told us over and over again how he wants to help the middle class. Well he has screwed the middle class over and over in the last three years, how is he going to help them. I guess with help like that who wants seconds. According to Governor Romney, under Obama 92% of the jobs lost were female jobs. Way to go Obama!


Obama could have fixed the housing industry with an executive order. But instead he lets the middle class women lose their status while the banks foreclose on their assets and their homes.


If Obama’s plan is all that great, if he raises taxes, where will the money go?


The problem with Obama is that he wants to create this class warfare, but he is so unpredictable and all over the board, that no one knows what experimental liberal thought he will have by November. It means one and only one thing, Obama was inexperienced when he became president, and he is still too stupid to come up with a plan that will work.  Is there an Obama plan capable of being held and understood by reasonable people? In so doing, will it create hope that it will help the average citizen?


And Dear Women,  since there are more women then men in this country, no matter what class of people Obama attacks, he is attacking your kind.


So since Obama has not championed a cause to help the old or the poor people but only the middle class, then there is no reason for any old men or women to vote for Obama. There is no reason for the poor women or men to vote for Obama.


Please allow me to let you in on a dirty little secret. The Democrats intentionally destroyed the economy to win the 2008 election. The economy has fallen and it can’t get up. Without a good and prospering economy this country is in trouble. Obama had three almost 4 years to experiment with his liberal ideas like FDR. It is time for all women to see the fallacy and send Obama back toChicagoto be with his liberal buddy Emmanuel!

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