Don’t Get Fooled Again, Vote

By: William P. Frasca

Some skeptical loyalist to the Grand Old Party and most members of the Tea Party have developed that uneasy sensation relating to the endorsement of certain hand picked candidates initiated by the Republican Party’s elite bosses. This is establishing an atmosphere of forced compliance which goes against all American principles.


Their selections, of the past have proven to be more than questionable, which is leaving an atmosphere of legitimate “reasonable doubt”? This feeling of suspicion is carrying over into the present Presidential Primaries with reservations of concern towards Mitt Romney as their prospective candidate for President against “The Chosen One” Barack Hussein Obama. Many have manufactured uncertainty towards theses upper echelon individuals that are using every despicable means possible to ram his nomination down our throats.


The rank and file are afraid that these same failed back room anointments will not produce a worthy opponent capable of defeating the most terrible mistake in judgment we made in American history?  They are terrified that this will be a futile exercise of effort, ending in defeat? They are troubled that their obvious candidate will be no match for Obama’s trickery and devious manipulative shylock characteristics, portraying all fantasying over exaggerated fabrications of misguided truths, blame and division?


Unfortunately they have a lot to be concerned about. After all they don’t have to go far into history to remember the 2008 Presidential election with the lopsided match up of Obama against John McCain? John McCain was identified as a Maverick, the best of the best, their selected man or the hour? He was an individual of outstanding qualities, a courageous crusader, and a true American hero? He was to remain fearless, in the face of his enemies, articulate in verse, and unmatched in a debate. He would remain steadfast and hold his ground aggressively, to conquer the angry hoards and assaults from the unholy Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic and the Progressives in the name of preserving this great Nation, Relentlessly protecting liberty and freedom. An individual willing to pick up the gauntlet, but regrettably dropped it like a hot potato.


John McCain was a disgraceful representative of the Republican/Conservative cause, because he never showed any allegiance towards them. Why would they support this renegade that has never administered any proof or indications of being a loyal formative foe, dedicated in uniting and rallying his base and members of his own Party? So why they would they place him on top of their ticket, unless they gave up all hope in keeping the Presidency, by offering him up as a sacrificial lamb, abandoning him to the wolves?


He never attacked Obama. He never brought up his past affiliations with known domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers. He never brought to light any of his questionable militant endeavors, or his association with Reverend Wright or who he was Community Organizing. He never revealed his radical associations, socialist and communist ideals and ideologies. He never identified his deficiencies or his lack of experience, or his ineptness, absences, and votes to abstain in the Senate.  He never questioned his America birth right, which is a mandatory qualification to be Present addressed in the United States Constitution?


John McCain was a dreadful, poor, appalling candidate that unwittingly sold out America and the American people. He buckled under to political correctness, he was afraid of being called a racist and bigot, he was a non-aggressive political mouse, a non-entity which contributed to his landslide loss to Obama.


Why should we have expected any thing less from John McCain who had the reputation of being a Benedict Arnold to his own Party? Why should we expect great things and leadership from Mitt Romney?


I have repeated my anger and sub-par evaluation about John McCain, before, because it is imperative that we don’t allow the Republican Monarchs to sit back and help destroy our Country and the Party for their own political gains. We must not permit them to throw Romney under the bus, if he is the nominee, while offering Obama his re-election victory on a silver platter?


Mitt does have some of the same faults as McCain which must be corrected. He’s definitely showing more spunk and forcefulness. He must not allow himself to be controlled by the liberal press. He must use Clinton’s words of wisdom towards George Bush the elder, “It’s the economy stupid”, and President Reagan’s infamous memorable words against Jimmy Carter at their debates. “Are you better off now that you were four years ago? He must be relentless in describing to the American people who and what Obama is, a conceited dangerous hindrance to American finances and ideology. An enemy of the Constitution, displaying total disregard and disrespect for our Flag and our Country, waste, corruption, socialism, deviants, ignoring the will of the people, limiting freedom, liberty and respect.


This election is too important, and must not be taken for granted, or forsaken as another lose. “We the People” must address this head on! Defeat is not an option! Some are saying that the Privileged Republicans are only concerned with having a majority in the Senate and keeping control of the House of Representatives. This would obviously offer them the ultimate power and opportunity to manage, as leaders, every committee, keeping and maintaining their prestigious titles. If this is true, then this form of self satisfaction is a scandalous outrage?


This is unacceptable, because our fundamental critical, crucial prize is to win the Presidency on Election Day. We must hold their feet to the fire and support whoever wins the Republican nomination. If it’s Mitt Romney, so be it?


Mitt must never fall into the McCain trap of attempting to be liked by everyone playing the role of “Mr. Nice Guy” or “The Fool”, catering to all and disliked by many? We must make certain that he will not become his clone as a wimpy candidate, willing to yield, with no fight? He must take the bull by the horns; show his strength, declare himself as the undisputed Republican leader, bringing everyone together with the Tea Party on a united front. He can’t burn any bridges or alienate anyone! His Vice-Presidential selection must prove his sincerity? Everyone must get out and vote, remember complacency and animosity is our enemy, look what happened in 2008?


If Mitt Romney is the intelligent alternative against Obama, then we, as true Americans, must vote him in to victory? Our Republic must be saved and preserved forever? We are a Nation of laws, with guaranteed inalienable rights from God, written and documented in our precious Constitution, with governmental control of Checks and Balances. We are entitled to Life Liberty and The Pursuit of happiness. These freedoms will not survive another (4) years of an Obama Presidency. We need a candidate that has the eye of the tiger and the courage of a lion. United we stand, divided we fall!


God Bless America Always! Please Pray For His Strength, Protection and Guidance, Amen?

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