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April 22, 2012

Liberty is Null and Void

Filed under: Constitution & Bill of Rights,History - 22 Apr 2012

Americawas founded as a FederalRepublic. This means our nation was designed to have two levels of sovereignty. The States which pre-date the central government and which created the central government is to be one level and the central …

Al-Qaeda bomb-making expert publishes magazine

Filed under: War On Terror - 22 Apr 2012

A top al-Qaeda bomb-making expert this week has joined his fellow terrorists in publishing information on the World Wide Web, but this time its an Internet magazine instructing readers on how to build bombs and other deadly devices.

America Unplugged – The New Lord’s Prayer

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 22 Apr 2012

Those who can hardly stand the syntax and rhythmic schemes of the English usage in our Constitution will not find any magnificence or beauty in the Elizabethan phrases of the Bible’s King James Version. Not to worry – other versions …