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April 24, 2012

Next Stop: The White Elephant’s Graveyard

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Democrats - 24 Apr 2012

Virginia just avoided a state–sized version of the popular “government shutdown” crisis. Democrats had twice defeated the budget in Senate votes and it looked like the usual hostages — children, teachers, social workers, grief counselors, underwater mortgage holders, illegals, addicts, …

Illegal Means Illegal: Close the Border

Filed under: Immigration - 24 Apr 2012

Notice the emphasis on one word used twice in the title of this commentary: ILLEGAL. There is a current real problem and threat to America’s financial well-being and cultural stability. This invasion from Mexico has reached epidemic proportions and no …

Obama Report Card: Betcha they Wish they had Another Democrat to Run!

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Apr 2012

Let’s keep this simple. Since the liberals want to have class wars, gender wars and race wars then let’s start with women. The Obama’s Truth team sends out a couple of women to lie for Obama. And because they are …