Obama Report Card: Betcha they Wish they had Another Democrat to Run!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Let’s keep this simple. Since the liberals want to have class wars, gender wars and race wars then let’s start with women. The Obama’s Truth team sends out a couple of women to lie for Obama. And because they are women, then all women must believe the rhetoric as gospel truth.

This tidbit leaked out this week. Obama’s Whitehouse pays the men on average (Median) about $11,000 per year more than the female workers. My bet is that there are probably more women as well. There has been no reporting of the racial divide or discrepancies in salaries in regard to race. So what’s up?

How come women in the Obama Whitehouse are not paid the same amount as men?

Liberals always imagine this fair world where everyone will receive the same pay check for the same amount of energy expended except for Mrs. Romney. The problem is who gets to determine if the energy expended is the same!

The median salary for women in the Whitehouse was $60,000. So a difference of $11,000 bucks is quite a lot in a commie Whitehouse. That’s almost a 20% differential and what about the benefits and lifetime benefits?

You might recall in tennis the women made a stink about equal pay. Even though men play longer matches, it didn’t matter; the women demanded that the pay be the same. Usually men have to play from 3 to 5 sets. Women generally play only 2 and max out at 3. Way back then the men usually had more exciting matches. Today, we hear the players pant with this loud voice like they just got shot in the butt by a pellet gun. And the women wear jewelry and look pretty for the camera. So maybe the women should be paid more. The question really should be who makes more money for the tennis broadcasts?

For liberals it doesn’t matter, for the sake of capitalism, it does matter.

Back to the Whitehouse, we have to give Obama an “F” here. He has been trying to play the gender card for years and he can’t keep his own house in order. They will claim that it was caused by the “Bush” rules they have to follow. Obama has scribbled out left handed more executive orders than anyone. I am sure it would have been nothing to throw all the female employees in the same provision that paid all his czars a 6 figure salary. Better luck next time… Whoops there probably won’t be a next time!

The military is not too happy with King Obama. His approval rating has fallen to an all time low of 25%. And he has a disapproval of 44%. There are videos on the internet showing President Bush being cheered by the military, but not for lefty Obama. President Bush won the war in Iraq and Obama does nothing but shackle members of the military with charges and Obama is losing the war in Afghanistan. It was Biden and Obama who said they would win the war in Afghanistan. And do you remember they said it was the “right” war.

They should have high tailed it out of there once the swearing in ceremony was over. Without waterboarding they are like sitting ducks. Imagine trying to negotiate with the Taliban terrorists while you have set a firm date of withdrawal.

Obama’s handling of foreign policy is a “D-“. Thanks to President Bush’s intel begotten by evil waterboarding, our troops were able to track down Bin Laden. Who at the time was no longer a strong leader of Al Qaeda. He was nothing but a coward hiding from the military in the country of our “good” ally.

Obama must realize that the American economy that he and the liberals helped to destroy is not going too well. Alright, it is pretty dismal. Obama has lost millions of jobs and it is so bad that there are millions who have giving up trying. The problem is that Obama gallivants all over the world on a daily basis. And Lady Obama does the same. It has been noted that Obama never spends 2 consecutive days in the Whitehouse and if he flies somewhere, he usually returns to the Whitehouse by the evening.

This costs the taxpayer billions of dollars. And since most of his flying time has to do with fund raising, shouldn’t the Democrats and Obama have to pay for the expense of Obama to campaign and fund raise.

The Public and the voters notice this extraordinary expense. With today’s technology, he could stay home and show up digitally anywhere in the world. Obama has been saying the same thing for years; they could just make one copy and replay it all over the world as many times as they can as the campaign money keeps rolling in.

He is doing such a lousy job with the economy, we really don’t need to pay him to go to Solyndra or GM to brag about electric cars that don’t sell and solar panels that are obsolete.

So Obama gets another “F” for his ability to at least give the impression that he is concerned about the deficit which he has caused to double in less then 4 years. Obama believes that he has this God or Allah given right that he can spend any amount of money on travel anywhere in the world.

The voters will remember this insensitivity (insanity) in November. It is important that Obama and his family are grounded by January 2013. If the Democrats want to fly him all over the place, let them fork up the cash! Let the real truth be known by November!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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