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April 27, 2012

Travis Mills

Filed under: American Military - 27 Apr 2012

On April 10, 2012 the life of a man named Travis Mills was immeasurably changed forever. Travis is a Staff Sergeant in the Army and is part of the legendary 82nd Airborne Division based out of Fort Bragg NC. This …

What do You Think About the Constitution?

The main thing- maybe the only thing- between conservatives and progressives is your attitude about the constitution. Conservatives love it, the Progressives don’t care much for it. Progressives think that it is an outdated document that no sane, modern, society …

Energy: Pennsylvania’s Choice, America’s Model

Filed under: Politics In General - 27 Apr 2012

By Robert T. Smith

We can’t drill our way to energy independence. Or so proclaims the president and many of his supporters. Here in Pennsylvania, the proclamation rings hollow; we are in the midst of a historic natural gas boom.