What do You Think About the Constitution?

By: Craig Chamberlain

The main thing- maybe the only thing- between conservatives and progressives is your attitude about the constitution. Conservatives love it, the Progressives don’t care much for it. Progressives think that it is an outdated document that no sane, modern, society would ever pay attention to. Conservatives think that it is the most brilliant political document that is absolutely necessary to restrain government and keep it in its proper frame. That main difference is how you can tell the difference between a conservative and a progressive. So I have come up with a little constitutional questionnaire so that you can see the difference between the two camps and which one you fall into.

1) Is the Constitution a living document or does it mean what it says? If you believe that the constitution is a living document you believe that the words of the founding fathers might have been fine for the late 18th century, but they are hopelessly out of date for the 21st century. If you believe that the constitution says what it says you believe that the right to keep and bear arms is as much in force today even if were not a frontier society that has to hunt wild game and worry about Indian attacks.

2) Should international law be considered in American courts? Progressives think that a good idea(or their version of a good idea) is a good idea whether it comes from Washington or whether it comes out of Moscow.

3) Do you support the People’s Rights Amendment? The PRA, for those who aren’t aware, is an amendment presented by Representative Jim McGovern(D-MA) and supported by most Democrats. Don’t let the Orwellian name fool you. If this monstrosity were ever to become law the first amendment, and much of the Bill of Rights, would essentially be repealed. Under the proposed amendment any incorporated group, profit or non profit, would not be allowed to comment on any political issue. So, for example, the NRA, pro life organizations, churches, really any organization would be muzzled. Though I doubt the Democrats would allow left wing organizations to be silenced. It appears that the Progressives are no longer willing to debate their opponents, now they just want them silenced.

4) Do you think that the constitution holds back our political leaders? Progressive leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR gnashed their teeth about the constitutions limitations on executive power. How dare they have to deal with a Congress and a judiciary. You see it with our current President. Can’t get cap and trade passed? Just go around Congress to the EPA. Can’t get congress to pass legislation? Just issue an executive order.

5) Do you believe in the division of powers between the executive, legislative, judiciary, and the states? If you answered yes count yourself in the conservative column. Progressives have long been impatient with democracy. After all opposition might get in your way. Progressives believe that all power should be centered in Washington and that checks and balances are old fashioned and unnecessary, unless they are in the minority.

6) Do you believe that there are natural limitations on federal power, or do you believe as Congressman Peter Stark(D-CA) does that the federal government has the authority to do whatever it wants? Peter Stark raving mad made these comments during the Obama care debate and said that there is no limitation to federal power under the commerce clause. Progressives believe that government is intrinsically good that it protects people and creates a fair society. When you restrict government you backslide into barbarism. Or so goes their reasoning.

7) Do you believe that our constitutional rights are God given, or are they government given? Progressives, who are mostly atheists, believe that rights are bestowed by a benevolent state. It is a Hegelian idea. What they don’t say is that what the state can bestow it can take away. As Speaker John Boehner made clear “a government that has the right to give you everything you want has the power to take it all away.”

There you have it. Seven simple questions to see the differences between conservatives and progressives. Progressives don’t like the constitution, but they’ve never said what they would like to replace it with though I suspect it would look a lot like what went down in Russia from 1917-1991. Conservatives believe that the constitution is a contract between the people and the government and is the glue that holds the republic together, and we ignore it at our own peril. If you answered these questions and found yourself on the Progressive side there is a simple prescription. Stop voting. It won’t clear up your stupid ideas, but it will save the constitution and the country.

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