Obama The Destroyer

By: William P. Frasca

Unfortunately America is a house divided. As Abraham Lincoln stated with these immortal words “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. This Country has reverted back to the separations of the past, without any limitations and no boundaries. Everyone and everything is fair game, as long as it contributes to our President Barrack Hussein Obama’s egotistical thirst of grand admiration. It has been revisited to a black hole of mistrust, consisting of needless forms of exclusions, towards any particular race, creed, color or religion.

This President and his Administration has initiated an expanded division between the masses. He arrogantly crossed the line, denying the Constitutional protection granted to each American, relating to Religious freedom, while ignoring the separation of Church and State.

He attempted to force numerous forms of Christian faiths, against their principles of teachings, to abide by his dictatorial demands in paying for contraception. He used this compulsory mandate, in the bogus name of a woman’s so-called right to birth control, even though it is made readily available at numerous stores, locations and free at clinics. He later saw the errors of his ways, by the populous, who forced him to refrain from this illegitimate unlawful policy.

He humiliates the Christian and Jewish faiths, by undermining their beliefs, mocking the Bible, and openly criticizing their celebrated holidays, by his own arrogance and ignorance. He openly reverses this bitterness by praising certain selected and accepted religions and organizations, approved by him and those of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and The Progressives. These institutions are given a free ride, extended every courtesy with unlimited tolerance, respect and protection.

He disrespected our Flag, (The United States of America) by refusing to wear a symbol of its glory and greatness on his person. He folded his hands, instead of placing his right hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, without saying the words. His wife Michelle our First Lady, extended this offensive rudeness, by saying to her husband, the President, during a ceremony honoring our flag at ground zero, in New York City. This event marked the tenth anniversary of the 911 tragedy that was brutally enacted by fanatical Muslin extremists, “All This For A Damn Flag”, with the President nodding yes and grinning.

He, the Democratic Party, the Liberals, The Socialist, The Communists, and The Progressives disrespected our veterans and all those injured or lost their lives, so we may remain free, protecting us from all foreign and domestic tyranny.

They were so uncompassionate towards their families, threatening to reduce their benefits and using them as non-existent pawns in an attempt to withhold their much needed pay checks, as leverage, during the fiscal budget upheavals, between them and the Republicans.

He bows, apologizes and behind close doors made secret deals with our enemies. We must never forget his statement when he thought all microphones were off and he was caught telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that “This is my last election” “After my election, I will have more flexibility” Medvedev replied, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,”

Only the Good Lord knows what that meant, and what underhanded sellout agreement was discussed in compromising our missile defense. Is Obama that over confident and conceited concerning his re-election victory? Does he know something that “We the People” don‘t know? Will the lights go out on Election Day as they did in Nevada, when Harry Reid was mysteriously re-elected as U.S. Senator?

He handed over our Space Program (NASA) over to the Russians, lock, stock and barrel. We as American said nothing or offered little or no protest. Will this also weaken or demoralize our National Defense, leaving us at the mercy of the untrusting Russians? They have never honored a contract or a handshake and of course never respected our sovereignty as a free nation in the past, or present? Is he that naive? Or does he have an alterative motive, something up his sleeve, or is he using this to secure his place in history at our expense?

He didn’t stop there! He antagonizes the rich, the poor, the unionized labor and management. He punishes the productive and rewards the lazy. He penalizes the contributors while giving more to the undeserving leeches. He chooses sides and alienates others! He has the talented flare to drive a destructive wedge, by creating a false phantom atmosphere of adversity that increases hatred. He unmercifully instigates increased conflicts and animosity between these groups, and others, leading to a non-productive warfare of disagreement.

These circumstances could only possibly benefit his own personal vanity, destroying the Country in the process. He obviously uses this “divide and conquer” strategy to camouflage his own deficiencies and ineptitudes as a clueless President in over his head.

This man is so unscrupulous that he will use every means possible to get re-elected. He has no shame, he has no honor, and he has no reverence for anyone or anything, except for his own sad existence.

This February, during Black History Month, there he issued a very special message. That message was plain and simple, he called to arms each and every Black American to unite and rally around him in support for his re-election. The race card was set in motion, to the extreme, wide open, with no hidden meaning or excuses.

He and his committee created an organization for their recruitment called “African Americans For Obama” The announcement came with a description of all their great accomplishments and advancements, throughout the years, from slavery and repression, to the ultimate achievement of him being elected President. He reiterated that he is their only hope to continue progress. Again stressing to them, all he fears of past?

He motivated them as one of their own, to sign up and be organizers. He asked them, as a call the duty, to relentlessly campaign for him throughout the Black neighborhoods, in beauty parlors and barber shops, door to door, on street corners and in the churches.

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul ever started an organization, called “White People to Elect Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Paul? How far would this get without an uprising?

This is a despicable act of racisms authorized by a sitting President of the United States. Can he stoop any lower or degrade himself any further as to use his color for re-election? Are we now electing our Presidents according to the illegal procedures of Affirmative Action, as their main qualification?

Why do we sit back and allow this double standard to persist, without objection. Are we not all Americans, in the same melting pot? His bias, bigotry, and displayed acts of reverse discrimination are beyond any restrictions. Why are these abominations totally ignored or excused, without protest? Shame on us! Why does this President want to bring us back the Civil War days, of brother against brother, sister against sister? His self centered actions, smug self impotence and dominant sarcasms takes center stage, while the people and the Nation are pushed aside and suffering.

We as Patriots and Americans must not allow his tenure to extend for another four years. This would be a devastating act of destruction, and tremendous blow to our life, liberties and the pursuit of happiness. Stop the madness! Vote him out of Office, this November 2012, without hesitation, before it’s too late.

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