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May 31, 2012

Is this Barack Obama’s Brain on Drugs?

We all know the difference between normal mistakes and those that hint at a deeper, more frightening problem, such as Alzheimer’s or another brain condition. In light of this, how do you interpret a shocking mistake recently made by …

ACLU v. CIA: Intelligence agency wins court battle on waterboarding issue

Filed under: American National Security,War On Terror - 31 May 2012

A United States Circuit Court of Appeals panel of judges handed a decisive defeat to the ACLU this week that stated the Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t have to release documents regarding its use of waterboarding, or a photograph of the …

May 30, 2012

Nine out of ten journalists say, “Guilty!”

Good news for Neighborhood Watch celebrity, George Zimmerman. The Associated Press reports that in 23 years only 2,000 people have been exonerated after being wrongly convicted of a serious felony.

Each year there are nearly one million felony convictions, over 10,000 …

The No Growth Zero Sum Pie

Filed under: Economics,Politics In General - 30 May 2012

Has Americareached the stage where we all stand in a circle and take turns holding a constantly shrinking dollar?

If our Dear Leader and the Daley led Outfit wins re-election next year perhaps a few more people will see the hand …

May 29, 2012

Homelessness: How Government Policy Makes It Worse

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 29 May 2012

By Dr. Tracy C. Miller

During a recent trip to Chicago, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of homeless people in the downtown area, including one homeless man pushing a child in a stroller. Homelessness was frequently discussed …

What Happens When a Superpower – Meets a Supersign?

Filed under: Politics In General - 29 May 2012

It is understood that prophecy preachers, students and buffs, are not always prophets. This is never clearer as when it is seen that many prophecy ministries become purveyors of the subject rather than proclaimers of the essential message. Conjecture and …

May 27, 2012

Constitutionally Questionable Laws, Orders, Rules, or Regulations

While I am not a licensed attorney, I believe I am capable of reading constitutional, statutory, and/or case laws and pretty well comprehend the meanings contained within these documents. Unfortunately, through the use of constitutionally questionable laws, orders, or regulations, …

A Frustrated Matador Alumni

By: Alexa Lotito

Not everyone graduates from high school, gets accepted into college and graduates with a degree. It’s an honor to achieve all of those things and hopefully find a job in your field of study. Being the first …

Sabotage: Labor’s weapon of choice and opportunity?

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 27 May 2012

Radical activist groups and labor unions associated with President Barack Obama have launched a campaign of economic sabotage. Mortgage and student loan strikes, crippling bank boycotts, intimidation, and who knows what else are all on the agenda. Unfortunately at times …

May 26, 2012

Which Sign Should You Wear?

The “You Might Be a Redneck If” sayings have spawned several “If” jokes over the years. Different versions have popped up from time to time. Some folks claim to be neither liberal or conservative and a few think you cannot …

The Tyranny of Conservative Cliches

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 26 May 2012

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has penned a brilliant and lively critique of what now passes for political discourse. In The Tyranny of Cliches he frequently chides both sides of the aisle for ducking …

When Will We, America’s Debt Slaves, Demand Liberty Be Given A Chance?

Have we given the various flavors of liberalism enough chances to destroy America yet? We have entrenched big S Socialism into our society over the past century so that we know little else. I understand that. We …

May 25, 2012

President Obama Weakens America

Filed under: American Military,Politics In General - 25 May 2012

President Obama is threatening to veto a 642 billion dollar defense spending bill. Now, reasonable people can debate about how much we need to spend for defense or if there is fat that can be cut out of the budget. …

The Flags at the Cemetery

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 25 May 2012

By Dr. Paul Kengor

Like many Americans, Memorial Day never ceases to move me. Rivaled only by Christmas and Easter, it’s the most poignant time of the year for me, maybe because, like Christmas and Easter, it’s about life, death, …

Mitt and Me: Romney at Cranbrook – a Personal Glimpse

Filed under: Politics In General - 25 May 2012

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson

What interesting timing. I had recently planned a column on my observations about Mitt Romney at Cranbrook. Why? Not because of anything in the news related to Cranbrook—at least not yet—but because our careers there (mine …

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