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May 3, 2012

Allen West is Right

Congressman Allen West(R-FL) created something of a firestorm when he said that there were about 80 communists in Congress. This brought howls of denunciation from the media and the sad, boring, and predictable charges of McCarthyism. (when isn’t it McCarthyism?) …

Remember Victory-In-Europe Day

Filed under: History - 03 May 2012

December 1941 is usually remembered by Americans as that fateful month when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, thus thrusting the United States into World War II. However, consider an alternate scenario: Adolf Hitler appears triumphantly before the Reichstag announcing the destruction …

Obama’s budget cuts on U.S. security unconstitutional, say experts

Filed under: American National Security - 03 May 2012

President Barack Obama’s planned defense and national security budget cuts are expected to have an adverse impact on the U.S. Coast Guard’s ability to perform its constitutional duty, according to a Heritage Foundation study by Mackenzie Eaglen and Jim Dolbow.

Is it a $3 dollar Raffle to see Obama and Clooney or Just a Scam to Get Your Money?

Filed under: Politics In General - 03 May 2012

It has been a tough week for Obama. But I don’t see much said about the $3 dollar raffles to eat with Obama and Clooney. Michelle and Obama and his friends email me all the time about what they are …