Allen West is Right

By: Craig Chamberlain

Congressman Allen West(R-FL) created something of a firestorm when he said that there were about 80 communists in Congress. This brought howls of denunciation from the media and the sad, boring, and predictable charges of McCarthyism. (when isn’t it McCarthyism?) But the gnashing of teeth from the left doesn’t change the fact that the charges are true. Oh, it’s true that they don’t call themselves communists, and do everything in their power to flee the moniker the way rats flee a sinking ship, but that doesn’t change the fact that the 80 members of the Progressive caucus are firmly steeped in Marxist ideology.

The left is constantly re branding itself. They have no new ideas, so they just have to repackage the same old garbage over and over again. The were progressives, liberals, then progressives again. Next they’ll be calling themselves Klingons in an attempt to solidify their hold on the Trekkie vote. They can call themselves whatever they want but Congressman West is right: Marxian thought is a large part of the progressive mindset. One of the biggest fans of the Progressive caucus is the Communist Party USA, they cheer the group for “moving the debate to the left” and move it to the left they have.

Consider what the Progressive caucus advocates. They want gay marriage forced upon the country. They want exorbitant taxes, not to actually fund anything just to punish people who actually bother to work and make money. They want Obamacare, which they openly admit is just step one to get to single payer universal health care. They want to strip organizations, profit or non profit from the right to rally or address the government. They demand free education, free housing, free contraceptives, free abortion, free anything that they can buy votes with.

They support the OWS movement, which is a communist uprising if there ever was one. It’s backed by Van Jones and admitted and fervent communist. They are as anti capitalist as V.I. Lenin ever was. They want unions to run the businesses(or the government, whichever they can get) the only industry they want in America is green energy, and we all know how well that works. They want the EPA to shut down anything that uses fossil fuels, they don’t believe that businesses should have the right to open up facilities in other countries. It’s government control right down the line on everything. Government should control business, government should control what you can say, government should control you. They support MORE stimulus spending. Apparently our 16 trillion dollar debt isn’t big enough. They’re in favor of anything that Washington can take over. Don’t believe me? Look at their website. It’s all there. Read their Restore the American Dream for the 99%. It’s communist propaganda, and has always been, that capitalism creates a tiny group of super wealth oligarchs who control the state and the economy, while the poor huddled masses toil in misery live in filth, and have no hope to improve their condition except through violent revolution. The American Dream act makes the same points, all it is missing is the “workers of the world unite!” nonsense.

The act demands imposition of the “Buffet rule” which is a minimum tax of 30%. It’s an article of faith for the left that anyone who makes money can only do so by standing on the backs of the poor and exploiting the poor. Reality is not a stop on the bus route of the left. They want another 50 billion dollars for infrastructure, because, you know, the first round of stimulus spending was such a success. They want to cut defense spending by 280 billion dollars. You can make an argument that there is a need for cutting the waste out of the defense budget, but cuts that steep would leave us unable to defend ourselves, which is what the left wants. After all were an imperialistic, racist, homophobic nation that is ruining the world.

They want to create an infrastructure bank. Just what we need another government entity that has control over too much of the taxpayers dollars. The bank makes perfect sense. We all know what a remarkable record the government has in spending money wisely and avoiding waste and fraud. Communists, progressives, whatever you want to call them, believe that the state needs more power, and that no matter how much it has it can always use more. The dictatorship of the proletariat is still a dictatorship.

They want to impose high taxes on energy companies to drive them out of business, they want a “speculators” tax. In their mind investors are parasites who are responsible for our economic troubles, that rationale couldn’t be more Marxist if we were in 1917 Moscow. This is communist to the core, no matter how much the Progressive caucus denies the name. The truth is they wouldn’t be so hysterical and vehement in their denial and denunciations if there weren’t truth in the accusations. The left know what it is it just doesn’t want anyone else to know. They support Marxism and home and abroad,just look at their love of all things Castro, or their unabashed love of the Chinese politburo. They’re Marxists and Congressman West was right to call them out on it.

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