Is it a $3 dollar Raffle to see Obama and Clooney or Just a Scam to Get Your Money?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It has been a tough week for Obama. But I don’t see much said about the $3 dollar raffles to eat with Obama and Clooney. Michelle and Obama and his friends email me all the time about what they are doing and that a three dollar contribution or raffle can go a long way to get Obama elected for another 4 years so he can continue to do a great job. But it sounds a bit cheesy for our high class travelers.

It is bothersome to see these folks begging for three dollar donations. Just the other day figures came out about how much it cost the taxpayer to send Lady Obama to Spain with one of her daughters and a slew of friends. The cost came in at 2 thousand dollars shy of a ½ a million dollars. That’s about $500,000 in simple terms. Good thing they paid for their own hotel! And they made Soros a little richer on the deal, but $500,000 that seems to be a lot of money at any time. When a country is $15 trillion dollars in debt it appears to be insulting. But let’s face it, it’s a great way to win re-election…Or maybe not.

The Clintons wanted to do the same thing. They wanted to spend a great deal of money traveling all around the world. After all they deserved it, didn’t they? But Dick Morris told them to settle down you can spend all that cash after the second election is over. And as you know after the second election, the Clintons traveled all over the world promising all sorts of things where ever they landed. It was quite amusing.

But Morris was sensitive to the feelings of the people. The question is: How will the voters react to Lady Obama and King Obama traveling all over the world on almost a daily basis. The Spanish trip was noticed a bit, but what about all the trips Lady Obama takes on a daily basis to teach kids how to move and eat.

To think Obama and his crooks will spend almost a billion dollars on this election and by all accounts they will lose. If gas goes down and China and Mexico close down their markets, well then maybe there will be enough jobs to go around. But you really don’t think that will happen, do you?

So why are the Obamas so stupid about spending taxpayer’s money at a time like this? We live at a time when they are watched 24 hours a day. President Bush hid out at his ranch and Camp David but the Obamas are a new breed or class of people. When they hang with folks like Clooney and have their dinners on golden plates, who are the Obamas? Or better stated who do they think they are?

And it begs the question: Is all this spending of the Obamas have anything to do with reparation?

Take the G.S.A. scandal I always ask when did the government become Corporate America when it comes to spending money? At least corporations have the money to spend, Obama’s country does not. So it really doesn’t matter how many vacations other presidents have taken. What matters is how much are the Obamas spending at a time when every dollar they spend goes right on the backs of every forgotten man. Clinton was smart enough or cheap enough to smooch off the Kennedys but the Obamas are just way above all that.

And at what point should Obama’s campaign pick up the costs and not the taxpayer? At three dollars a clip, it will take a huge number of followers to pay for Lady Obama’s trip!

…166,666 donors!

So some idiot will say that they have no choice. They have to take the secret service with them. Well then they need to be sensitive to the costs. All the fascist laws created by the Obama’s EPA have destroyed many businesses in America. Many of these businesses went to China and Mexico to avoid the harsh and senseless laws of Obama. But how come Obama can just keep spending with no regard what so ever for the cost of travel and lodging of their expensive and various trips. But in the end the taxpayer turned voter will have the last laugh when they get to pull the lever in their voting booths.

Let’s think like Obama. He doesn’t want to sign a bill to lower student loan interest because it will take from the exorbitant expense of his unconstitutional healthcare law.

It is fun to watch him try to fool the people. He is telling the military that his executive order will protect them from the crooks at the universities. Aren’t the crooks at the universities the people that keep voting for folks like Obama while they keep raising the tuition?

So getting back to the $500,000 that Lady Obama wasted: If she was going to spend all that money, why didn’t she arrange it when she could take both daughters? Was the secret service booked for Columbia?

So $500,000 would have paid for a lot of Section 8 housing. Obama has cut Section 8 housing vouchers by over 50%. So if we say that the average voucher was $600 a month, then how many more vouchers would have been given to the Section 8 folks. 833 more $600 vouchers could have been rewarded to the folks/voters if Lady Obama did not blow through the $500,000 dollars. 833 families would have received a voucher for $600 if Lady Obama stayed home and baked cookies!

And you can do the same thing for all other spending. For example food stamps, military spending, unemployment benefits, job training, financial aid and so on and so forth. But for $500,000 of spending by Lady Obama what do we have to show for it?

Also keep in mind that her husband Skippy wasn’t sitting home reading the Bible while she was in Spain, he was out spending the cash as fast as he could traveling at the same time Lady Obama was spending it up in Spain.

So in the end it would be great if Lady Obama asked for an up and down vote on how much she could spend. It would also be great if she actually was granted a budget and was forced to stay within that budget. But Lady Obama has eaten through the cash and moved more than any first lady ever. But she chose to do it on your dime because it was her right!

Well in a few months you will have your right to exercise your vote. Let’s make this the last trip paid for by the taxpayers without any restraint of budgets. Obama’s friends like Soros have tons of money. If the Obamas want to spend all our money traveling, let their friends pay for it.

Obamas are public servants. That means they are the servants to the people and for the people. It seems like the Obamas have that notion backwards. They see us as the servants that pay their way to a very luxurious lifestyle that they did not enjoy until they took over the Whitehouse. Is it time to send them packing? If they don’t care about your money, why do you think they care about you and your family!

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