The Nazification Of America

By: Keith Allison

America, a nation founded on the rule of law is no longer such a nation. Instead, it is rapidly becoming another version of Nazi Germany where our elected and/or appointed public officials shall determine how the rule of law will be defined on a daily basis. It is happening at a much slower rate than what the German people were exposed to, but it is happening.

According to our Constitution, our government’s sole authority to enact any official order, rule, or law, is if such orders, rules, or laws do something to protect the public health, welfare, morals, or safety. Failure to meet those criteria makes them no laws at all, they are null and void as if they were never enacted, and government has no constitutional authority to enforce them. Control the people, and through subterfuge, brainwash the children into complying with official dictum at an early age, and they will be easier to manipulate later in life. Encourage the young to ignore the moral character of their parents through the encouragement of unwed pregnancies, derision toward the family unit and loyalty, and/or abortions on demand, and the moral fiber of a nation is destroyed. Reinvent U.S. History to meet the desires of the elite liberals, glamorize athletic prowess while subordinating intellectual skills.

Governmental overreach into the daily lives of American citizens appears to have reached epidemic proportions. Think about it for a minute, what can you do anymore without first obtaining some form of license or permit from some nameless bureaucrat? Let’s assume you want to travel between points “A” and “B” in your own automobile. First, you must possess a driver’s license, and your vehicle must be registered and licensed by the State in which you reside. And, even if you have an exemplary driving record with no citations or accidents against your record, you must be insured by paying an insurance company hundreds of thousands of dollars for insurance against you ever having a traffic accident. And should you desire to obtain clear, clean water from your own water source rather than rely on the cities chlorinated water, you must first obtain permission from local authorities to drill a well on your own property.

The list of permissions and/or licenses you must obtain are all but endless, but due to our compliance with official diktat, your freedoms are in dire danger of being swept out with the trash. Ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely how the likes of Hitler come to power.

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