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May 5, 2012

Another ‘Green Energy’ Failure?

The residents at Boxwood, Stanton, Brandywine Springs and other surrounding communities may have lost the opportunity to get back to work at a nearby automobile assembly line.

Many of these residents were among the work force at the General Motors Boxwood …

Another Home Run by Mark Levin

Filed under: Politics In General - 05 May 2012

Mark Levin has knocked it out of the park again. Following his 2009 blockbuster best seller, Liberty and Tyranny, Levin’s latest book, Ameritopia, is another brilliant depiction of the stark differences confronting America as it chooses between liberty and tyranny. …

Return of the Summer Socialists and Sunshine Terrorists!

Occupy Wall Street is back and gearing up for its latest round of attacks against America. Not surprisingly, the OWS crowd set May 1st, aka May Day, aka International Workers’ Day, aka a socialist holiday, to once again disrupt society …