Mind Games Of Destruction

By: William P. Frasca

We as American Patriots have been brainwashed for years. It was a slow process, in which our strong morals and decency was our worse enemy. These admirable characteristics proved to be our Achilles heel, which were used against us, by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives.

These demigods of conceited qualities have turned our American ideals and ideologies into a camouflaged chameleon of maneuverability, adhering to a subservient role in their new world order. Their false affection to save man kind from all that is evil cleverly hid their bogus, bigoted, racist, left authoritarian agenda of perpetual non-sense. That offered only true lies and innuendoes, accompanied by strong arm, brow beating, tactics and antics.

These negative attributes displayed a manipulative ploy to reverse our own humanitarian courtesy into phony accusations of insensitivity and name calling for their own political gain and rise to power. Unfortunately we as American Patriots were so wrapped up in this gibberish garbage and were so afraid of being incorrectly labeled as intolerant towards any race, creed, color, gender or religion including fairness, injustices and suffering that we bent over backwards to please. We legitimatized these exploitations, from the left, in our own minds.

Regrettably before we realized their true colors, by them taking advantage, and completely using us as fools, with our pants down, the damage was done. These negative adversities and attacks against us, our Constitutional freedoms, inalienable rights, and inhibiting our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have escalated, but it can be stopped, reversed and brought back to prominence. We have the ability and the tools given to us by our forefathers, nothing is etched in stone.

Fortunately, there are new and improved groups and dedicated organization, replacing the old social and elected cowards that are ready, willing and able, to meet this challenge and aren’t afraid to fight back, while using the same Liberal strategy against them.

Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his royal court are still complaining that America isn’t an equal place to live for all the people. They constantly point out that all Americans must play by all the same rules and regulations. This is naturally targeted at the prosperous individuals, who of course, question Obama; it’s not aimed at his loyal wealthy associates, who receive unlimited taxpayer perks and bailouts. His rhetoric continues to use the same old broken record in which the poor are used as doormat, and the rich are purposely keeping them down with no opportunities. If you believe this, then I have some stock to sell you in the Brooklyn Bridge, because the only thing keeping the poor down is themselves and the progressives?

There are individuals that must be extended a helping hand as we did in the past of neighbor helping neighbor, and are correctly entitled to essential benefit programs, because they either worked or contributed. Some experienced hardships, by no fault of their own, suffered personal losses or developed mental or physical disabilities. Of course no entitlements should be offered to the habitual blood sucking social leeches and offender, milking the system.

We permitted governmental thievery of our hard earned tax revenue to be controlled and dictated by unscrupulous bureaucrats such as, Timothy F. Geithner, United States Treasury Secretary, and elected officials such as Representative Charles Range, Democrat from the Great State of New York, who was once the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Regrettably these two powerful individuals were ironically documented “Tax Cheats”, and are constantly in favor of raising your taxes. The sad fact is that our incompetent spend thrift government of incompetent misfits collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history. They have the thoughtless, irrational stupidity of spending and brining us into trillions of dollars in debt, and complain they need more because it wasn’t enough.

The Liberal reality, to a perfect world, is to have the rich and the middle class, pay more taxes, redistribute their wealth, and of course, having absolutely no regret or shame in spending more.

Chances are if you don’t comply, or have the audacity to revolt or protest, then an unexpected visit from the I.R.S., authorizing a complete audit would possibly develop, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

This also includes donations and exorbitant purchases to their fund raising dinners. These funds are obviously used to boost their political war chests.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. It seems as though, our mindless elected officials, who really reflects upon our questionable decisions as the electorate, is full of intellectual rubbish. This quote can best describe our present day situation, especially when we re-elect same the clueless, self centered, greedy, shameless bureaucrats. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

They constantly complain and protest that discrimination is alive and well with people of color. They ignore the fact that we have a black President and black Attorney General, abusing their power and authority, arrogantly displaying numerous acts and support of reverse discrimination.

We permitted the illegal aliens a free ride throughout the Country, with some committing hideous crimes of all magnitudes and caliber of inhuman violence and thievery, and then falsely deemed guilty of intolerance and discrimination attempting to enforce the United States Immigration laws.

The simple act of asking them for identification, required by every American citizen to show upon request, by a police officer, a bank official, to drive a vehicle, buy alcoholic beverages, going on a plane, or partaking in any simple daily transaction or application is unjustified.

When asked this requirement of an illegal alien, the individual is immediately tattooed and branded as a racist, by the liberal phonies. This can only happen in American where illegal aliens and criminals have more rights and privileges than an American citizen, not to mention all our brave military personnel and their families.

One could really comprehend their objection to anyone asking for identification during the voting process, because it would limit fraud. Most politicians, groups’ organizations and political affiliations rely on the dead or phantom votes, to carry them to potential victory. I seem to recall a Democratic United States Senator from Minnesota that used this same plan of attack to triumph over his foe.

Now the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressive are making a further mockery of the situation by dictating self imposed ludicrous propaganda. They are now idiotically mandating that identifying these immigration criminals as illegal aliens is a hate crime. This would be laughable if it wasn’t coming from such narrow minded, self centered policy controlling dictatorial buffoons, with a track record of division and destruction.

We accept all individuals from every country in the world. They have a strong sense of pride and privilege to arrive and stay in our beloved Nation legally. They are willing to wait and go through process, sustaining years of paperwork, money, and education. They respect our laws, history, Flag, and our Constitution, to become legal American citizens. These people should be commended, not punished. Isn’t it a disgrace to have any illogical discussions, rewarding anyone who sneaks into our Country illegally, automatically authorizing and giving them amnesty, for their criminal act, with the possibility of citizenry? This not only humiliates the process, but it undermines our claim that we are a “Nation of Laws”.

There’s a little token of wisdom that is being spread around the internet, in which I would like to share. It reads as follows “If you voted for Barack Hussein Obama in November of 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in November of 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

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