Ameritopia: Is this Obama’s Waterloo?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Mark Levin has put together a great book entitled Ameritopia. He takes you on a trip about utopia and what the founders had in mind for America. The real question is can you really have freedom and liberty under utopia? But more importantly we need to discuss: Is socialism or Obama’s communism really utopia?


Levin discusses a few utopian beliefs. They come from folks like Plato, More, Hobbes, and Marx. Something strikes me as quite odd about all this nonsense. All these clowns were philosophers and writers but what did they really know about the common man. Or were they looking for a means to make a select few rich and to corral the masses to think happy thoughts and obey their rules.


I always thought that utopia would never work. The problem is that you needed to get the masses to work together for a common cause with some means to be equal. Most of you might already have heard that the Pilgrims tried this crap and they almost starved to death.


And there were some successes in small group when a business was centered on utopia. And they had great leaders/rabble-rousers and a product that created a profit. But one thing that seems to smack you in the face is the concept of replacing a monarch or a dictatorship. But in all the experimental models it seems that the middle class was too stupid to rule themselves and that they needed a monarch or a group of men to make the rules to keep them in line. And no matter how hard they tried to imagine the ruling class as bribe free, they never really could achieve equality among the middle class. And no way, and no how could equality be created among all men under a utopian government.


So Levin paints this jump to make Obama’s communism as this quest for equality as a quest for Utopia. Thus ultimately Obama and his liberal friends are trying to achieve Ameritopia as their utopian society for Americans. And we all know that equality can never happen. If we could only achieve fairness on all counts I think we all could be happy. Equality is a pretty stupid concept. It is a subjective reasoning experiment, and generally the liberals see equality as the redistribution of rights, money and freedom as a form of equality. They are dreaming and it is about time they wake up to the fact that fairness and equality can be achieved but it must come from within and not from the ruling class. In other words the middle class must rise up and take back the reins of freedom. The liberal’s equality is only meant to harness the masses for the benefit of a few. There is little chance for freedom or liberty.


Folks like Levin work real hard to put together an argument as to why tyranny is based on this utopia or more to the point to the fact that we are no longer following the intent of the constitution. But let’s face it, you can write about it until the cows come home, but will the exercise of writing about the constitution have any more of a benefit then the liberals experimenting with their redistribution policies in the name of equality.


In other words we need a plan to fix the problem. The problem is simple; people like Obama have this dream that equality can only be obtained by screwing just about everyone in the process by having enough rules so that all people are equal. That is, all would be equal only to those who the rules apply.


On the other hand the capitalist/conservatives should vacate this foolish constitutional argument for the sake of equality. Equality per se can never be obtained. But fairness can be obtained. Will it be perfect, absolutely not! But at least everyone will have a chance to obtain their choice of life. As it stands today, the liberals think it is fair if they cause the price of gasoline to go up to five dollars a gallon. Granted a few will make a ton of money, but for most it will cause pain and it will cause a great deal of inflation. This is something that would be suicidal in Obama’s poor economy.


If Levin wants millions of people to understand his book, then he should write it at a 5th grade reading level. Or better yet, make a story about it. If he wrote his book for the benefit of constitutional law folks with the notion to persuade them to give up their liberal persuasion, he probably came up short on his goals.


Unless we can eliminate the liberal judges that sit on our courts, there is little chance of any book on constitutional law alone making a difference for the cause of Freedom and Fairness.


And just like the deficit, tyranny is not something that fits in the wheelhouse of most Americans. Most of us are free to buy guns, vote, go to work, marry, die and pay taxes. What else could you possibly ask for?  The bottom line is that most Americans feel that wackos like Obama will take these rights away!


But there is something for most to ponder that is a fundamental difference between Obama’s communism and George Washington’s freedom. The commies believe in communal justice. That means that all justice and administration as such is for the good of the community. For example in most of utopia, once you are no longer a benefit to society, then it is time for you to die. Keep that in mind when a liberal sits on an Obama Healthcare death squad and they determine whether you get treatment or die. The question they will answer is the money spent on your treatment good for society. If it is only good for you, then it will be deemed that it is not good for society… It will be a burden!


And for some reason, commies like the Russians closed 70,000 churches in its heyday. So why are the liberals against your freedom of religion?


In Constitutional freedom, each and every citizen, not illegal immigrants, benefit from individual justice. You know like the best interest of the child. Under Obama, it would be under the best interest of the community as to how your child will have justice served.


If you get a chance to read Ameritopia, the Unmaking of America, please do. I am sure you will have a better understanding of what the ultimate goal Obama has for this country. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that at anytime in history utopia has never worked. Maybe you will be the one to come up with a plan to fix the problem after you read the book.


The more people that understand that this is Obama’s plan, the more people will understand that this unconscionable behavior by Obama will be his Waterloo.

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