By: Patti Bankson
3½ years into Obama’s 1st (and, please, God, Last!) term, I’m stunned when I hear someone say they voted for him, and would do it again… Obviously those people see a real, or perceived, benefit, to a 2nd term. Obviously, too, they see little, or no, benefit in continuing to be “The Land of the Free”. Obviously #3, they must not follow the news, personally, or don’t live in one of the many states being inundated with government rules and regulations.
●  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill banning trans fats from his state’s 88,000 restaurants: “Under the new law, trans fats, long linked to health problems, must be excised from restaurant products beginning in 2010, and from all retail baked goods by 2011.” The New York Times called California a “national trendsetter in all matters edible”. NYC,Philadelphia,Stamford,CT, and D.C. suburb,Montgomery County,MD, likedArnold’s trendy idea, and have also banned trans fats. ABrooklyn, NY Democrat even introduced a bill to ban using salt in restaurants.
●  San Francisco: Children are in tears over that city’s “Healthy Meals Incentive” which bans toys in “Happy Meals”, if the food contains too much fat, sugar or salt. (Beware the link between unhealthy food and prizes!)
●  In Brazos County, Texas, a state law limiting junk food in schools, caused school officials to slap a third-grader with a week’s detention… she was required to be separated from other students during lunch and recess through Friday, when a teacher confiscated a Jolly Rancher she had in her lunch on Monday.
● NYC, one of many others, has banned school bake sales as part of a new wellness policy limiting options in vending machines and student-run stores. (There goes the $$ they used for proms and pep rallies!)  
● Oregon regulations restricting small business, had health officials shutting down 7-year-old Julie Murphy’s roadside lemonade stand for failing to get a $120 “Temporary Restaurant” permit.
● D.C. schools,BoulderValleySchool DistrictinLouisvilleandBoulder,COhave banned chocolate milk in their schools.
Bake Sales? Jolly Ranchers? Chocolate Milk? What’s next… Baseball? Apple Pie? Motherhood? Yikes! Speaking of mothers, don’t forget your mother on Mother’s Day… maybe you should give her some fresh flowers, before some legislator with a bad attitude bans them because someone might be allergic… or just bans Mother’s Day, period, because not everyone still has one, and they’ll feel left out… or because some don’t meet certain Good Mother Standards. Whatever! My mother died when I was 24… I still wish I could open my front door and find her standing there… or ring her doorbell and she’d answer…  I still wish I could pick up a phone and hear her voice. I believe I’ll see her again in heaven, but, in the meantime, I miss her. So, if you still have a mom, love her now, spend time with her now, because when it’s too late, it’s too late. I know.
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