Tea Party Strikes Again, Gay Marriage Goes Down

By: Craig Chamberlain

I’m not going to weep over or eulogize Senator Richard Lugar(R-IN) he needed to be given the old heave ho years ago. This is why the tea party is so needed within the GOP. It energizes the grass roots and gets rid of the dead weight within the party. The tea party has had mixed success in getting rid of incumbents. It defeated Mike Castle(R-DE) in the 2010 primary for the Senate seat, unfortunately the tea party candidate went down to defeat. They defeated Lisa Murkowski(R-AK) in the primary but she was able to come back as a write in and win the general election. The tea party was able to defeat Utah Senator Bill Bennett in the nominating convention and got Mike Lee elected in his place. Unfortunately they also got Sharon Angle nominated, which is why we have to put up with Harry Reid.

Still, all things considered, the record of the tea party has been remarkably successful. It puts arrogant, out of touch, windbags on notice that their time in Congress is not a lifetime appointment. After 35 years, Dick Lugar finally got the message. He was arrogant, and out of touch. He was so wedded to the beltway that he didn’t even bother to maintain a residence in the state, even for appearances. We are supposed to have a congress responsive to the people, but all too often we have a people that has been trained to be responsive to the dictates of Congress. It’s refreshing that, finally, Americans are standing up and telling their elected representatives no.

This was a safe one for the tea party. Indiana is a fairly conservative state with a deep GOP bench so we’re not risking our general election chances in November by getting rid of Lugar. A typical RINO he’s being vain and petulant. It’s unlikely that he’ll back Mourdock in the general election. It’s not the RINO way. It’s all about them, and once their ego’s have been hurt they can turn into angry beats lashing out in all directions, especially against people who used to be allies or friends. It shows their true colors, and proves that they’re more closely allied with the progressives than they ever were with the GOP.

The tea party is also trying to score a victory over Orrin Hatch of Utah. Hatch was able to survive the nominating convention, where Bennett wasn’t. Hatch is far more popular in Utah than Bennett was. This is going to be a tougher fight for the tea party, but another safe one. Whoever wins the GOP nomination is certainly going to win the Senate seat in November. Personally I don’t have anything against Hatch. He’s not the RINO Lugar was. But perhaps his longevity is playing against him. If the tea party stays strong and keeps the momentum we could have an entirely different leadership to the GOP, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Gay marriage advocates want us to believe that they’re the future of the United States. Like the Borg from Star Trek TNG they march forward intoning: resistance is futile. National polls are in favor of it we’re told. The youth are wildly in favor of it. Only cranky old bigots and Bible thumpers want to deny gay people their civil rights. First of all it’s not a civil right. Gays already have equal rights under the law. But, more importantly, they are lying when they say that their victory is inevitable. North Carolina became the 30th state to define marriage as being a union between one man and one woman. It’s really quite sad that we have to spell that out in such detail, but such is the state of our country. Defenders of traditional marriage are 30 for 30. We’ve never lost an actual vote by the people. In North Carolina it wasn’t even close. It was 61% for 39% against. And that’s keeping with the votes in other states. The only close vote there has been was in ultra left win California, and even there the defenders of traditional marriage managed to win.

Defenders of traditional marriage also fight under harsh disadvantages. The media is unanimously for gay marriage, portraying defenders of traditional marriage as wild eyed bigots who want to legalize witch burning, and believe in a flat earth, along with their unthinking hatred of gay people. Proponents of gay marriage outspend defenders of gay marriage. In almost every single vote the left outspends defenders of traditional marriage, and they often outspend by a several times what defenders of traditional marriage are able to spend.

Gay marriage is given a glamorous depiction in the media, as opposed to traditional marriage which is depicted as stifling, unhappy, full of abuse and lies. It’s only because the people of America actually believe that marriage should be for one man and one woman, as it has been for thousands of years, that gay marriage hasn’t been victorious at the ballot box. What homosexuals do behind closed doors is their business, that doesn’t mean that society has to sanction their behavior and crown it with the same legitimacy as a man and a woman getting married. If the left weren’t a bunch of totalitarian thugs they’d admit defeat and stop trying to remake America in their disgusting image.

The conservative movement is still strong in America and looks to be getting stronger. Let’s hope it carries that strength and momentum into November.

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