The Fearful Media Hypocrisy

By: William P. Frasca

The media in mostly all aspects of their occupation have lost creditability and respect within the hearts and minds of the American people. Some still adhere to journalism excellence, but unfortunately this special and essential profession has sunk so low that they have kissed the bowels of the most hideous disgusting sewers, know to man. They have no one else to blame for this subterranean burial, except for themselves. They have swallowed the Kool-aide in a mass self inflicted suicide mission of total destruction. All their legitimate prestige, esteem and honor in informing and reporting the news openly and honestly has been destroyed.

Their clouded atmosphere of questionable information, of most subject matter, has developed into a well earned distrust. They attempt to steer the populous into the direction towards their sick, warped agenda which can be affiliated with any particular person, place or thing. They bellow their own empty headed opinionated non-sense using manipulation of words that interprets their own philosophical viewpoints and statements.

These pre-determined explanations and dialogs places key suggestions, which are totally insulting with anyone that has the intelligence and ability to think for themselves. As though they’re administering this information to individuals that are intellectually challenged, without comprehension, yearning the need for someone to clarify and to define what was already said. This is an insult which further demeans and degrades us as clueless, incompetent morons.

Most news references, especially the main stream liberal press refuses to state the facts no matter how appalling or inhuman, when identifying a selective identification of a perpetrator in any hideous incident. They pick and choose their hostile reporting, which is usually aimed at the safe, easy, non retaliatory subjects. This not only proves they’re cowards, but also conveys a communication travesty to their viewers and listeners.

It’s their civic duty is to investigate the truth and inform honestly. They have lost touch with their true meaning relating to “The Power of the Press” by fabricating mistruths, and fantasizing pathetic past atrocities to manipulate and maneuver society into a frantic rage. They have the audacity to use and justify certain discriminations in races, creeds, colors, sex and religion that supports their liberal ideology, and protects their unholy alliances.

They single out what’s right and wrong, in their own sphere of uselessness, authorizing themselves to become judge, jury and executioner to all those who object. They display their bias, bigotry and cowardice with pride.

Here is a prime example where discerning information is geared to sway the community, which totally disregards the supreme right of every American citizen, who allegedly commits a crime, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. The heavily broadcasted incident down in Florida, where a young black man was allegedly shot and killed by a Hispanic White man, brought all types of innuendoes, false description and information which identified him as a racist animal. At that point in time there weren’t even any charges brought against him by law enforcement? This not only made a mockery and field day of our judicial system but it also placed the suspected individual in harms way. There was even a bounty placed upon his head, by the New Black Panther Party. Where was Eric Holder, The United States Attorney General when all this was happening?

How does a scandalous situation, of this caliber happen in America, which indicates the predetermined guilt of an individual without any charges or a trial by his peers? The fact is if any form of violence occurs to this person, then everyone involved should be arrested as accessory to the crime. This form of hangman’s mentality, of mob rule lead by some members of the Press must be addressed. They have a moral obligation to uphold the high standards of reporting non-opinionated investigative truths, without affecting their Constitutional right, because any reckless action on their part could possibly produce consequences.

There was another alleged bias crime, which happened in Norfolk Virginia, The victims were two white reporters. They stated that they were brutally attacked by approximately thirty Black individuals.

These were members of their own profession, in which they didn’t think twice about throwing them both under the bus. Their editor himself refuses to acknowledge that a bias crime was committed, without an investigation, and refuses to conduct one. He even waited to report the incident, to the public, why? If there’s doubt, then investigate? Just don’t assume, and bush it under the carpet. He’s supposed to be an experienced journalist? These two victims now have security because they are receiving death threats.

Why does anything that involves a person of color, it is immediately considered untouchable no matter how violent, uncivilized, brutal, ruthless or heartless, as long as this cruelty is committed against an acceptable prey? It’s never identified as bias, racial, or newsworthy and always swept under the carpet or placed on the back burner. Any violent crime, against anyone, racial or not, if found guilty, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

This form of reverse discrimination in reporting must be protested, by demanding balanced legitimacy. Unfortunately the Caucasians are easiest targets, with no established legal protective organizations. Even our established legal system, has demonstrated partiality, in protecting the rights of the criminal, over the innocent victim, without offering proper legal retributions. These are only a few examples, the list is endless?

Why does the most of the Liberal Press cower and live in fear, authorizing cover-ups and excuses when confronted with real life reality towards any particular group? Aren’t we a nation of laws, with the symbol of blind justice holding a balance scale for all? Or are we now totally accepting anarchy, dog eats dog, every man and women for themselves in their own self defense for survival. Will the laws of the jungle rule, where the lion picks and devours its prey, while the hunter’s arms are tied, and our screams are silenced by ignorance of those in authority? Wake up and smell the roses America, and discover that its sweet smell is camouflaged by the foul stench of hypocrisy.

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