Bin Laden one, Obama one well maybe?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Obama may have stepped in another pile of dodo when he claimed he was the only one in America who had the testosterone to take out Bin Laden. And it doesn’t look like he obtained any mileage from his annual Bin Laden self aggrandizement. But when he threw Governor Romney into the mix, it gave most people a true look inside the workings of our president.

Granted, when Bin Laden was executed, Obama did get a lot of praise and adoration from the young folks. But time is a wonderful medicament. The young people realized a year later that the death of Bin Laden did not make them any safer or prosperous. It could be argued that President Bush and his strategy and the use of water boarding has made the United States a great deal safer. But folks like Biden believe that it is only a matter of time before innocent people will pay the ultimate price for being infidels.

It appears that Obama’s female truth team forgot to do their homework. They should have sought the assistance of a focus group. The group would have found that the effect of Bin Laden is long over and it was allegedly buried at sea.

But more importantly it was not Obama that executed Bin Laden it was the United States. It was President Bush’s team that put Bin Laden into hiding. As a result Bin Laden was rendered useless and a coward. It is not like he was a leader of an army like General Lee; he was more like a Manson character in a movie.

President Bush through his CIA and advanced interrogation techniques kept the pressure on Bin Laden. And when they located Bin Laden, it was just a matter of time before he would be executed.

As you may recall Bin Laden was offered to Clinton many times and he was too busy to deal with Bin Laden, he preferred to do the Hokey Pokey with Monica.

The real question to ask: Who was the bigger coward? Was Bin Laden a coward for hiding all those years? Or was it Obama for executing Bin Laden without a trial?

It has been established that Bin Laden could have been apprehended without his execution. It would also have been prudent to hide him away while the CIA and other Intel agencies deciphered the captured information. It would also be wise to waterboard Bin Laden to see if he could lead the troops to other evil men like Bin Laden.

By executing Bin Laden, Obama put an end to all the trails leading to and from this Intel. Obama also put an end to using Bin Laden as bait. How many soldiers of Bin Laden would try to free Bin Laden?

Set the bait and capture the terrorists. It is not likely that they would try to negotiate his release… or would they? Another opportunity lost.

Some would argue that Bin Laden is not really dead but he is hidden in a room in the basement of the Whitehouse. But if he is hidden, then he can’t be used as bait. And if he is on U.S. soil then we need to have Holder read him his rights.

Remember when Obama was going to close Gitmo. He was going to try the terrorists in U.S. Courts instead of as enemy combatants in military tribunals. Remember when Obama told you to go blow up your tires and save millions of gallons of oil a … day? Where is that Obama? By the way, that same Obama is President of the United States!

So who is the biggest coward?

Would Governor Romney have executed Bin Laden? Would he have captured him if given the opportunity? Or would he look the other way like Clinton did?

We really don’t know what Governor Romney would do because Obama executed Bin Laden first. To raise such a question seems a bit stupid. Next Obama will ask if Romney can find a left-handed smoke shifter! It’s a question that is useless and really serves no benefit to Obama or the American Economy!

But I think it does show that Obama lost any benefit from the execution of Bin Laden. When you can take down his compound guarded by a few men, you should begin to wonder was Bin Laden actually set up. Did Pakistan leak the Intel to the United States?

It is possible that some where in the future the terrorists will strike again. This time they will not blame it on the evil infidels and their religion and prosperity. They will blame it on the fact that Obama killed Bin Laden and Obama did not give him a proper burial.

It just seems that Obama is clueless when dealing with these people. He had a trump card and he threw it in the sea. He could have destroyed what was left of Bin Laden’s organization after President Bush destroyed most of it. But instead Obama took the coward’s way out. He would have used a drone if he could, but instead he put his men in harm’s way while he was playing golf.

Let me see, do we really care if Obama is so full of himself that he assumes that he would be the only person in America that could capture Bin Laden?

If he didn’t kill him, maybe then he could try to benefit politically by his capture. But he put an end to his advantage. Wouldn’t it be great if Obama and his Truth team worked on the economy and getting those shovel ready jobs moving. I guess shovel ready means not that they are ready. It means that they are so well buried in the recesses of the liberal minds that we won’t be able to see them until 2013.

Maybe Obama should stick to fixing his failed economy rather then stirring up things he actually knows nothing about. Wouldn’t it be great if one person could say he saved thousands of gallons of gas by blowing up his tires! How about a quart of gas? The point is Obama didn’t know what he was talking about then. He still doesn’t know what he is talking about and do you really want to see him elected for another 4 years. Guess what, Obama still won’t know what he is talking about. For once I can agree with Hope and Change. I Hope the American people are smart enough to Change the person that sits in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse. Instead of playing with Monica, this Democrat president is playing with your future. Everyday they plot to take away your pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness. Have you had enough!

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