Understanding the Left

By: Craig Chamberlain

The left prides itself on its sophistication, its worldliness, its love of nuance, and its being free of ideological constraints. It can pride itself on those things all it wants, that doesn’t change the fact that its all propaganda. The left, when you get right down to it, is fairly easy to understand. All you have to do is peel back the layers, ignore the lies, and not be deceived by their talking points. The left is ideological, we have the most ideological President in the history of the United States. Those who think that his policies are miscalculations are mistaken, Everything he has done has been deliberate, systematic,and intent on weakening the United States of America. For all of its talk of nuance and shades of gray they see things in black and white, dividing the world into good and evil. Men are evil, women are good. Whites are evil, non whites are good. Businessmen are evil, workers are good. You get the idea.

To understand the left only requires that we focus on the core of their beliefs, ignore their slogans, and realize that all of their causes and movements are but Trojan Horses to advance their cause. And their cause only has two goals. The destruction of capitalism, and the abolition of religion. The left, you see, are disciples of Karl Marx whether they want to admit it or not. All leftist, progressive, or liberal writing and thinking has only been to advance Marx, make his ideology more palatable to the people or to disguise his beliefs so the people will never know what they are voting for. And what did Marx believe? For those unfortunate enough to have read his works all of his “philosophy” boils down to two things. People shouldn’t be allowed to own property and they shouldn’t be allowed to worship God.

The left has been working on accomplishing these two goals for over a century now. The left is all about the glory of the state, the worship of power. If the people can own property they can be independent of the state. If the people believe in God they might be more loyal to deity than to the state. So both must be abolished, or if not outright abolished then put under the control of the state to make sure the people can’t be too free of them.

Let’s consider some of the top goals of the left. Take environmentalism. All environmentalists are socialists. This isn’t a coincidence. Environmentalism exists only to advance the socialist cause, heaven knows that it doesn’t have a scientific leg to stand on. They’ve been caught cooking the books so many times that no one really believes their outrageous claims. Claims that keep changing. First it was a new ice age, then it was global warming, now it’s “global weirding” any climatic anomaly is to be blamed on human activity(or more recently on dinosaur flatulence. You can’t make this stuff up.) Some environmentalists are even honest enough to admit that they don’t really care about the environment they just want to see businesses closed down. Our own Dear Leader has said pretty much the same thing when he promised to make energy prices skyrocket, and bankrupt anyone foolish enough to build a coal powered plant. Science has nothing to do with this, it’s all a confiscatory plan to shut down free enterprise in the name of mother earth.

Then there is health care. Leftists will tell you that it is a matter of “social justice.” It’s not fair that some people don’t have health care. But let’s take a closer look. Does universal health care actually improve the health of the people under it? The average life expectancy for an American male is 76 years. The life expectancy for a Frenchman is 78 years. Hardly a vast difference. Even if we attribute those extra two years to their health care system is it worth the loss of economic freedom? Longevity is more the result of lifestyle and genetics. Look at the Russians. They have universal health care and the Average Russian man barely makes it to 60. So it’s safe to say that universal health care doesn’t make people any healthier. What it does accomplish is it puts private insurers out of business and puts a big chunk of the economy under the control of the state, and that’s the real goal.

Their next favorite target is religion. Marx said that religion(by which he meant Christianity) is the opiate of the masses. The left has been trying for a century to replace Christianity with a secular religion under the control of the left. Why do you think that the left wants to revoke the tax exempt status on churches? Would the extra revenue actually be of any good. Of course not, it’s about intimidating religious conservatives into keeping their mouth shut, and not preach about things that the left finds inconvenient.

The left has been fighting for abortion rights for decades. I can tell you it’s not because they actually care about women’s health, or even think that abortion is a woman’s health issue. It’s about weakening the nuclear family. Reduce it’s numbers, make it beholden to the benevolent gods who run the government and you have more disciples. It’s why they tried to strike the words “under God” from the pledge of allegiance. It’s why they forbid nativity scenes, Christmas plays, and Christmas carols, it’s all in the name of diversity. It’s only a matter of time until churches are told to accept gay marriage or have the full weight and authority of the federal government brought down on them. Sadly most of them will meekly accept. The left doesn’t care about gays anymore than it cares about women, or blacks. They are only tools to advance their agenda, and bring them to their ultimate goal of a totalitarian state where silly bourgeois things like free enterprise, and  religion are done away with.

Those who underestimate the totalitarian impulse of the left do so at their own hazard. Freedom of religion and the right to own property are the backbones of any free society. So it’s no coincidence that it is those freedoms that the left targets so violently. With calls for more taxes, regulation, nationalization, gay marriage and all of the rest the left wants to take away the most basic freedoms we have. It’s up to us whether we let them do it or not. We have a choice this November, let’s make the right one.

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