President Obama Weakens America

By: Craig Chamberlain

President Obama is threatening to veto a 642 billion dollar defense spending bill. Now, reasonable people can debate about how much we need to spend for defense or if there is fat that can be cut out of the budget. But the President is not interested in a reasonable debate. He’s interested in gutting the military, plain and simple. If the Presidents automatic cuts go into effect, and the President has vowed he’ll not allow them to be stopped, our army will have just over 400,000 men and our navy will have less than 250 ships. This is grossly inadequate for the military needs of our country. But such actions are well within the history of the Democratic party, it’s often the only part of the federal budget that they are willing to cut.

When President Jefferson came to power he cut the army to 1,000 men, and the navy to just 3 warships. President Madison followed his masters policies and left the United States woefully unprepared for war with Britain in 1812. American forces were undermanned, unequipped, poorly disciplined, and in many cases were insubordinate. Their reliance on citizen militia weakened our country and made the country a laughing stock on the world scene.

The Democrats didn’t learn from the debacle. From the war of 1812 to 1861 they were in power most of the time, and they did little to improve the military prowess of the United States. When the Civil War broke out the United States army had just 16,000 men and the Navy had around three dozen ships. Again the Democrats left the country woefully unprepared. The military had to be built from scratch. Armies had to be raised, trained, and equipped. It’s impossible to know but it’s likely that a well prepared military could have shortened the length of the war and prevented the deaths of 600,000 Americans.

Fast forward to World War One. President Wilson was bound and determined to get the United States into the trenches(if there was ever a war America should have sat out it was this one) but had no military ready to fight, and made no attempts to prepare while he knew that the country would end up in the war. Instead General “Black Jack” Pershing was sent with a staff of 200 and told to wait until the army was ready. The British and the French were incredulous that our entire army was still in boot camp. 100,000 men died needlessly in the trenches of France.

FDR was no better. It was obvious to anyone with an IQ above 80 that the world was headed for war, and a war far more terrible than the one that raged from 1914-1918. Instead of preparing he was cutting the military. He and General MacArthur had a famous shouting match over the cuts to the U.S. military. MacArthur told him that the American dead would be on his head, Roosevelt went white with rage and ordered MacArthur out of his sight. By 1940 the United States Army had only 70,000 men in its ranks. Bulgaria had a larger army. Not only was the army undermanned it was poorly equipped. Most of the weapons and supplies dated back more than 20 years to the first world war. Once again America was unprepared for war and American forces suffered in the early days of the war. More died than needed to because we weren’t ready.

LBJ has been the one Democrat to increase the size of the military. He threw 500,000 men into the jungles of south east Asia to fight a holding action. 58,000 Americans lost their lives because Johnson and his Defense Secretary weren’t smart enough to figure out how to win the war.

It only got worse for those in uniform. President Carter might go down as the most inept Commander in Chief in American history. The budget was cut, bases were closed, morale was so bad that many soldiers refused to be seen in uniform off base. We couldn’t even manage to rescue our own people from an Iranian horde. This was a time of soviet expansion, after all what did the boys in the Kremlin have to worry about? They invaded Afghanistan, and brought communism to places like Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. It wasn’t until Reagan was elected that things began to change. Our forces were built up, weaponry was modernized, discipline restored, and morale improved. As a result of these actions the USSR was thrown onto the trash heap of history.

But good things rarely last. Eventually a Democrat finds his way into office. Bill Clinton did just that in 1993, and while spending went up everywhere else our military, once again, found itself the victim of Democratic bias. Bases were closed, our forces were cut, and our men were forced to make do with cannibalizing old equipment to keep things going. Clinton was more interested in using the military as a laboratory for the social sciences. Instead of worrying about fighting prowess he was more interested in gays in uniform and women in combat. President Obama is cut from the same cloth, and his cuts will leaves us in a much weaker position. There might have been a time when we could get away with a small military, back when America was a young nation with few defensive responsibilities. That’s no longer the case. We can’t pretend our oceans are moats and the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It didn’t work for Jefferson and Madison 200 years ago. It certainly won’t work today.

We live in a dangerous world. Full of terrorist groups, rogue nations, and wannabe nuclear powers. The Democrats refuse to see that. That is just one of the many things that make them unfit for office. We need Obama out of office, and our military armed and ready. Or are we going to wait for the next global catastrophe to hit us while we’re sleeping? The choice is ours this November. Let’s get it right.

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