A Frustrated Matador Alumni

By: Guest Authors

By: Alexa Lotito

Not everyone graduates from high school, gets accepted into college and graduates with a degree. It’s an honor to achieve all of those things and hopefully find a job in your field of study. Being the first one in my family to graduate from a 4-year college at Cal State Northridge, my family and I couldn’t be any more proud.

Last night, at CSUN’s commencement for the College of Humanities (including: Jewish studies, Asian studies, Gender studies, Chicano studies, Deaf studies, Philosophy and Liberal Arts)I thought it was going to be a traditional ceremony. Things began to change rather quickly when Councilmember Richard Alarcon took the podium. I  was extremely offended sitting among my class listening to Alarcon’s speech, that was directed to “his people” and the fact that he chose to bring up politics and universal health care at a graduation ceremony. What was CSUN thinking, inviting this guest speaker when he’s in trouble with the law?

To top off my rage, the ceremony consisted of numerous Latin songs. Isn’t this The United States of America? Last time I checked, it was an honor to be in this country celebrating everything America has to offer. I did not feel like I belonged in the ceremony since it was solely directed to the Hispanic community. Yes, there’s a huge population of Hispanics at CSUN but why is it they are allowed to feel as if they accomplished something greater than the rest of us?

Thanks CSUN for my quinceañera at 22!  

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