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May 19, 2012

Dems Want To Give New Meaning To The Phrase “If It Moves, Tax It”

Ronald Reagan once said that it was fairly easy to sum up government’s view of how to handle the economy. “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it,” Reagan said.

May 18, 2012

Pondering People Pills: Don’t think it can’t happen here

Filed under: Politics In General - 18 May 2012

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, customs officials in South Korea have confiscated about 17,000 Chinese “miracle cure” capsules, filled with the powdered flesh of aborted and stillborn babies. The existence of these pills was first uncovered last summer by …

ISAIAH 9: 10 JUDGMENT – Video Review and Interview with Producer Joseph Farah

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 18 May 2012

In 1970 even the churches were not regularly taught the doctrine of the second coming of Christ more commonly known as premillennial prophecy. Then along came Hal Lindsey’s block buster best seller, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

May 17, 2012

The Controversial Faith of Barack Obama

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 17 May 2012

President Obama’s recent statement on gay marriage has again thrust his religious views onto the front pages. In defending his position, Obama stressed that he and his wife were “practicing Christians” and that his stance was supported by Christ’s teaching …

Those Ashamed Of America Shouldn’t Make A Penny Off The Name

Though at one time barely considered worthy of the appellation of literature, scholars of popular culture have today established the thesis that comic books and other forms of media expression derived from these illustrated periodicals serve as a snapshot of …

Palestine – Israel Has Had Enough

The Palestinian Authority’s decision to unilaterally seek Palestinian statehood at the United Nations and UNESCO – in breach of its obligations under the Oslo Accords and the Roadmap – has propelled Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz into forming Israel’s government …

May 16, 2012

Harvard Law, the Commerce Clause, and the Obamacare Mandate

Harvard Law School Professor Einer Elhauge published an article in The New Republic titled, “If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them?” The foundation of his argument is the belief that the Militia Act of …

Clogged traffic arteries are genetic

Filed under: Politics In General - 16 May 2012

Police in Prince William County, VA just released a list of the most dangerous intersections and I discovered that on a single trip to Chantilly I managed to drive through the most dangerous intersection in Manassas, the most hazardous in …

May 15, 2012

Reflections on the French Election

The election of Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande to the presidency of France epitomizes the sorry state of contemporary democracy. By that, I don’t mean to imply that the French people should have voted for the incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy. Neither …

The “Evolving” Gay Marriage Debate

Filed under: In The News - 15 May 2012

Issues do not live in a vacuum. There are worldviews behind every issue, and those worldviews need to be a part of whatever issue we are debating, otherwise we will be short-sighted, and the outcome will be the result of …

Obama’s ‘Evolved’ Position on Gay Marriage – Anti Biblical and Anti-Christ

Only days after the Vice President announced he was comfortable with same sex marriages; President Obama announced his newly revised (Evolved) position on gay marriage. The debate has been whether Joe Biden forced the Presidents proclamation and boxed him in, …

May 14, 2012

America Lost in a Bubble

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 14 May 2012

All bubbles burst. This is a law of nature. No matter from what material the bubble arises. No matter what forces propel its expansion. All bubbles burst.

Actually the science of bursting bubbles has recently popped …

Bin Laden one, Obama one well maybe?

Filed under: War On Terror - 14 May 2012

Obama may have stepped in another pile of dodo when he claimed he was the only one in America who had the testosterone to take out Bin Laden. And it doesn’t look like he obtained any mileage from his annual …

The Real News Today: Obama Was Always for Faux Marriage

So another mask has dropped. Barack Obama made history yesterday in becoming the first president to announce support for faux marriage.

And on January 20th, 2009 he made history in becoming the first president who supports faux marriage.

May 13, 2012

Why the Health Nazis are on the March

They say “Jolly is the fat man,” but perhaps not when he’s being chased (and, I’m sure, caught) like a Frankenstein monster by the Body Cult crazies. And that is the case today, as it has become fashionable to …

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