A Shift In Strategy

By: William P. Frasca

President Ronald Reagan was the master of maneuverability, and one liners, hitting his opposition calmly with a velvet hammer, before they realized they were hit. The Democrats were putty in his hands, molded to approve most of his policies while being in control of Congress and the Senate. His distinctive charm, personality, determination, stubbornness, strength and courage, morals and convictions, proved to be no match. These attributes were used as tools which made most of his battles so easy, it was like fighting unarmed individuals. This is why, to this day, the Liberals are still feeling his presence.

The Constitution, The Flag, God and Country, together with the Will of the People prevailed. America was America once again, a Government Of, By, and For the People, with all its greatness, fear and respect, throughout the world. We were once again free Americans, released from the clutches of the Carter Administration, The Liberal Democrats, The Progressives and total Government control. He even kept his own Party members on the straight and narrow. There was virtually no dissention.

Today the Republican leaderships are learning from their past mistakes, and seem to be following President Reagan’s characteristics. They came to realize that their lack of unity was their Achilles heals? Their bickering only shows their indecisiveness and uncertainty? This appearance of having no clue on which way is up, or which way is down, is finally concluded as non productive. Their dazed and confused look is reversing into strength and confidence. These slogans, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, and “Divide and Conquer”, are being etched into their minds and hearts.

The Marxist Socialist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives are also showing the same infectious signs of separatism that the Republican’s once experienced. The main perpetrators, of this act were Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, going against the statements made by President Barack Hussein Obama concerning “Bain Capital”. Both of these critics happen to be Democrats and Black and elected leaders in their own right.

Obama has his own well deserved problems to contend with while almost loosing to a convicted criminal in the West Virginia’s Democratic Primary, and having problems in other States, including Texas.

The strong wall of Liberal Democratic defense, of protecting each other through thick and thin, has developed a hole, with the possibility of it expanding into the Lincoln Tunnel. Even though Mayor Booker was immediately chastised for his negative diction, by Obama and his supporters and was forced to eat his words. No matter what he claims to have said, his recorded diction was announced verbatim on a nationally televised liberal program and station, “Meet The Press”. It was hilarious to see the commentator and the other guests almost choking on their own swallowed vomit from Mayor Booker’s remarks?

Naturally, the Republicans should never compromise their morals or ideals for the obvious guilty, but they always went out of their way to attack one another, and I am not referring to the Tea Party. They’re a refreshing asset.

This was expressed on most governmental levels of the spectrum. It absolutely positively made no sense. The Conservative Republicans before and after Ronald Reagan were fighting a two front war with numerous well known various forms of Benedict Arnolds rising from their own rank and file, destroying their Party’s strength. Today it’s a new Party?

Will Governor Romney ignore the past mistakes of then 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain’s, who used a failed passive resistance strategy, by not attacking and brining to the surface Obama’s unscrupulous associations with characters such as Bill Ayers, or his questionable position as a community organizer, and his affiliations with devious groups? Will this also include the controversial unethical ideologies and preaching’s of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The Super Packs won’t allow this to happen. If you thought the Republican Primary was brutal, with each of Romney’s foes picking up steam, and then immediately knocked down to the canvass, out for the count. Just wait until the future match-up of an Obama/Romney contest, you haven’t seen anything yet? Romney is using an intellectual approach as being the coach and telling his players to play honorably, but his players are doing everything in their power, legally, to win the championship trophy.

Did the Republican/Conservative Party learn their lessons of the past, and has finally come together. Time will tell, but there are positive indications they have? Did they realize that splitting up, attacking one another, and staying home on Election Day helped create the Socialist Monster we now know as Barack Hussein Obama, President. They still have Congressman Ron Paul, who is a candidate for President, and will probably stay in until to the Convention, but he lacks the resources. Let’s all pray he doesn’t run as a third party candidate, guaranteeing an Obama victory?

Whatever the case may be, almost all of his opponents have dropped out and endorsed him for President, creating a winning atmosphere, with the Texas primary clinching his nomination. He’s their choice, and it’s his position to lose. He’s their gladiator selected to pick up the gauntlet, and placed into the Presidential arena against, Barack Hussein Obama, in November, 2012. Congressman Ron Paul is still an announced candidate for President and will probably remain until the Republican Convention. He is the last holdout. Let’s hope he remains loyal to the party

Romney must be a leader, and take lessens from President Ronald Reagan by not dwelling or allowing maneuverability to be made by the Democrats and The Progressive. Their strategy is plain and simple, which is to take over his campaign, by using false accusations and identifications with no substance that labels him negatively. If he falls into their trap, this will take time for him to defend” which would obviously derail his message, and momentum.

Out of all of President Reagan’s debates with Jimmy Carter in 1980, what words stands out the most? What was his most memorable statement made, still remembered and still quoted today? “Are you better off now than you were four years ago” a classic. What a genius?

May God Please Bless, Protect and preserve America, “Our One Nation, Under God”?

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