Obama Fiasco over the Same Sex Debacle!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

This should become a problem for Obama. It is something that he should not have weighed in on. The liberal media had given him a pass on this issue. But does anyone believe that Obama was ever against same sex marriage?  If you do, then I have some prime ocean front property in Kansas for sale.


One problem I see is that Biden had to be part of the charade. First he comes out and says he is for same sex marriage. And then a few days later Obama echoes his sentiments. Again does anyone not believe that this was a set up? There was no evolution. Obama lied about this from the very beginning. The same liberal politician that voted for partial birth abortion, would not be in favor of same sex marriage? The same president that lied just about on every issue, and you believe him when he says he has evolved.


Obama spoke with his daughters and he saw the light. He said he couldn’t see a world where same sex couples could not have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Maybe he should check with his children and see if it is ok to drive up the deficit. Would they let Papa Obama raid their piggy banks and leave little slips of papers in their banks that say Papa will pay you on Friday with some Chinese money for some American money today!


If you look at the derivation of the word marriage, it is clearly about a man and a woman for the purpose of making the woman a mother.  Thus we have the term bastard. A child that is born outside of marriage was at one time a great concern. Before welfare, a bastard child was a hardship and an embarrassment, today it is a financial bonanza.


I personally don’t really care who gets married. I don’t care to whom or what and as many times as they like. But can we really call this equality.  For Obama everything he sees and discusses is all about equality. Heck he is even against making a profit. Obviously if you make too much profit, you have violated the Obama Equality Doctrine (unless you are a Hollywood celebrity).


Keep in mind almost all marriages in the country are between a man and a woman and their primary purpose is to biologically have children and raise a family of their loins or at least the milkman’s loins.


And granted not all marriages are perfect. Not all are successful and bear children. And sometimes the vows end up being slashed by the courts. The primary intent is clear and steadfast in most contractual bindings. That’s excluding the Kardashian marriage which may have been a unilateral sham.


What some folks must also agree with is that even though gay folks are tolerated, for the most part they are not cherished by many people in the United States. The notion of sharing the sacred rite of marriage with these folks may be a test that may not end well for Obama.


Also keep in mind that many if not most gay relationships are not intended to be monogamous. At least on the day of most marriages between a man and woman it is intended to be monogamous except for people like the Clintons.


I don’t think that most people object to the Gay and Lesbian crowd having equal rights but it doesn’t appear that the majority of Americans want to share “marriage” with the Gay and Lesbian crowd.


It is not like slavery where there were no slaves in the North and thousands of slaves in the south. In that case the majority of Americans were against slavery. Could you imagine if slavery was available to the northerners? There would probably be “legal” slavery there today.


In the case of same sex marriage it is clear that most voters in almost all states are against sharing their “marriage” with the Gay and Lesbian crowd.


What if the anti-Obama PACs start taking images of Biden and Obama and put a sound bite in that indicates that these folks want to make a national law to allow same sex marriage for all states and their territories?


You could see that this discussion for the conservatives and the argument by the liberals becomes another albatross for Obama just like Obamacare.


What if we came up with another word that means the joining in a contractual relationship of 2 or more people that are not one male and one female? How about Palimony or Patrimony? Or whatever makes the liberals happy. Wouldn’t more people agree with that? Then the liberals couldn’t run to a Christian church and legally force them to perform the marriage ceremony! It would no longer be marriage.


There are always easy solutions to complicated problems. If only we all could just get along.


But it is too late! Obama has the gay marriage thing hanging out there. It will become like a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Obama can’t lie about this one, I guess he can always blame Biden and his children and change his evolution. Obama never took responsibility for voting for partial birth abortion, why should he take responsibility for a national law to allow same sex marriage? You go Obama. Go as far away:  Move as far away from the Whitehouse that your legs can carry you in 2013!

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