We Need a Better Foreign Policy

By: Craig Chamberlain

The Middle East is on fire, and we’re trying to put it out with a squirt gun. The “Arab Spring” has been nothing but an Islamist takeover and our government has no idea what it should do. Iran is threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, all the while denying that they are pursuing nuclear weapons. We threw an American ally in Egypt under the bus, took out a dictator in Libya, and aren’t doing anything against the regime in Syria. Are we in favor of the Arab Spring? Are we against it? Do we want to stay out of it?

Our foreign policy has no permanence. It fluctuates between the muscular policies of the Republicans and the “soft power” of the Democrats. The terrorists and despots of the world have it all figured out. Behave yourself when there is a Republican in the White House, do anything you want when there is a Democrat in power. Because when there is a Democrat in the White House we have no idea what to do with foreign affairs. Let’s be honest, the Democrats are wimps. The Iranians aren’t worried about an American attack on their nuclear facilities. Bashar Al- Assad isn’t too worried that the United States is suddenly going to intervene. Pakistan is perfectly confident that they can stick their thumb in the eye of the United States and get away with it.

The United States needs a foreign policy that doesn’t change every four or eight years. So here are three simple rules for American foreign policy in the Middle East(or anywhere for that matter) 1. Take out your enemies. 2. Protect your allies. And 3, stay neutral where you have no interests involved.

Iran is our enemy. They have waged war on us since 1979, though we’ve been blind to this obvious fact and act as if we can rationally talk to the idiots in Tehran. It’s time for us to acknowledge the state of war between our two nations, and make sure they don’t become a nuclear power. This will not be accomplished by sanctions and talks. Iran is our implacable enemy and pretending they’re not isn’t going to make the Persian gulf anymore peaceful.

Israel is our ally, the only truly free country in the region, and the most threatened. And we have the most anti Israeli, anti Jewish President we’ve ever had. Instead of letting them know that we will back them up we’ve got a President that urges them to retreat to their pre 1967 borders, allows them to be surrounded by violent Islamist regimes, and instead of holding states like Egypt and Syria responsible we lecture them about their need to make more concessions for peace. The Muslim Brotherhood is about to complete its sweep into power in Egypt, Gaza is controlled by Hamas, the west bank by the fascistic Palestinian Authority, Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah, and Syria is an Iranian client state. Then there is Turkey which is becoming more and more in line with the radicals. And, of course, there is Iran which is pulling the strings of Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Brotherhood, and increasingly, Turkey. We’re allowing our strongest ally to stand alone against all of these forces, forces which soon may acquire nuclear arms.

We should help supply the Israelis with as much military material that they need, and inform Israels enemies that an attack on Israel will be interpreted as an attack on the United States. That might keep the barbaric hordes at bay, but I don’t think that this administration has the stomach for that kind of confrontation. They would rather take out countries that aren’t any real threat and posed no threat to the United States, or anyone else for that matter.

This bring us to rule number three. Stay neutral when there are no interests at stake. There are those in Congress and within the administration that want to back the Syrian rebels in their fight against President Assad. Ok, it’s easy to condemn the Syrian regime. Assad is an animal who’s the son of an animal. That’s just the way the Baathists are. As brutal as he is what do we know of the Syrian opposition. Most intelligence says that the Muslim Brotherhood and Al- Qaida have largely taken over the movement. There are no good guys here. We have an Alawite minority desperately trying to cling to power and an Islamist uprising that wants to make Syria part of the new Islamic Caliphate. It’s lose lose for the United States, no matter who wins we end up with Anti Americans in power. It’s just not in our interest to take sides.

It’s time for the State Department to get its act together and come up with a coherent policy for how we deal with foreign nations and crises. Right now they’re punishing our allies, standing up for our enemies and getting involved in fights that are of no interest to the United States. Voting out the President in November will help correct some of the problems, but the problems are more institutional than political. We need the right people running our foreign policy. Until that our policy is going to be like a ship without a rudder, it won’t be going anywhere.

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