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June 5, 2012

Democrats Undermining Defense for Over 200 Years

Filed under: History,The Democrats - 05 Jun 2012

Stephen Budiansky — author of Perilous Fight: America’s Intrepid War with Britain on the High Seas, 1812–1815 ­— has written an excellent book that inadvertently reveals Democrat politicians — in feverish pursuit of imaginary utopias — have been busy undermining …

We of Little Faith In Government

While I hate to admit it, my faith in any legitimate function of our government entities is at the lowest ebb I have ever imagined it could reach.

While I still have respect for true constitutionally appropriate laws, orders, rules and …

A time for lies

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Religion & Faith - 05 Jun 2012

Who has not heard the expression that if given enough time the truth will eventually come out? In fact in the Biblical record, the opposite is spoken of in precise and clear terms. According to the prophetic message of the …