We of Little Faith In Government

By: Keith Allison

While I hate to admit it, my faith in any legitimate function of our government entities is at the lowest ebb I have ever imagined it could reach.

While I still have respect for true constitutionally appropriate laws, orders, rules and such, my opinion of how our legislative and judicial bodies function has plunged into the local sewer system whenever I re-read the documents ascribed to this nation on how our Republic is supposed to function.

For all intents and purposes, many of our judges, occupants of the Whitehouse, governors, legislators, and bureaucrats appear to me to have taken great pains to prostitute their positions in government in which they were elected or appointed to serve. Basically, I believe most legislators are inherently corrupt prior to being elected to office, and the judges become corrupted when their friends and/or moneyed interests ask them to disregard settled case and/or statutory laws that would otherwise bring about the incarceration of someone they golf and/or hobnob with.

I base my opinion upon the instances I’ve observed through the years of our legislators pandering for under the table money to ensure their voracious appetites for “campaign contributions” won’t be disrupted by mistakenly acting in a manner beneficial to the general public. While speaking to various Washington State legislators, I also took the time to speak with various governors, attorneys general, and bureaucrats safely ensconced within government service. But, like all of my other attempts to have our public servants act in an ethical manner, these attempts to wring a small amount of ethical behavior from our legislators, judges and/or bureaucrats always met with failure.

As my numerous attempts with government entities failed to produce any positive results, I finally decided the only method that would possibly have any chances of succeeding, was by presenting the issues I was concerned with in front of a jury, and leaving it to the common sense of the citizens of this nation. However, my numerous attempts to achieve my goal through the judiciary were also frustrated; this time by corrupt judges who took it upon themselves to ignore settled case and/or statutory laws. And, when I tried to employ the power of our U.S. Department of Justice to file the matter in a criminal court, those efforts also failed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice all ignored my requests for assistance and the evidence I placed in their hands. As a result of my failure to obtain any assistance from our government, I then attempted to place the matter before a jury through the use of private attorneys. However, that too failed because as some of them informed my wife and I, “I cannot work on this case for you because I have been informed by the local Bar Association that if I don’t drop off this case, they will disbar me.”

That of course left me with no alternative but to attempt to file a case of fraud, restraint of trade and civil rights violations against the defendant American Dental Association as a pro se litigant. I researched the laws pertaining to fraud, restraint of trade, and civil/constitutional rights issues, and then wrote a civil lawsuit to be filed in the U.S. District Court. In my initial attempts to obtain justice through our federal courts, I ran into opposition from Judge Robart in Seattle, and Judge Whaley in Spokane. My opinion of why they refused to allow my case to be heard boils down to one thing, and one thing only; that being bribery. As far as I can determine, these judges either accepted bribes from the defendants, or they held a mindset against pro se litigant filing cases in their courts. I can only assume what I have just opined, because the damages I was asking for far exceeded $20.00, and settled constitutional law specifically states that when the damages exceed $20.00, the plaintiff’s right to a jury trial shall not be infringed. There are other statutes governing this matter, but I won’t take the time right now to deal with them other than to say that the judges I’ve mentioned above are, in all probability, as crooked as a hounds hind leg.

We currently have a new civil lawsuit filed in federal court, and as soon as I find out what, if anything is going on with that case, I’ll let my readers know. Frankly though, I doubt there will be any action on that case either. I say that because when the defendants fail to respond to a lawsuit within 20 days, the judge is required by law to find them guilty as alleged; but, no such finding has been forthcoming after more than thirty days after the defendants were notified they were being sued.

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