Report Card #2: Betcha Obama Wishes he could Vote Present. Or will he get a Pass?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Since the writing of the first report card, things for Obama continue to spiral downward. Liberals like to think in the imaginary world. Like Obama they see the economy improving. Improving for whom? Is it improving for the poor people?


The poor people still get their food stamps, Section 8 housing allowance and healthcare. But Section 8 has been cut in most states. Pennsylvania cut their funding by over 50%. That is not going to make the poor people happy. This is true, especially when rents and food prices cost the poor more today then when President Bush was in office. And don’t get me started on the cutting of unemployment benefits!


And welfare is one saving grace for the poor, but under ObamaCare the roles of welfare are intended by the liberals to expand exponentially. So that means the same system that is in place now, will need to handle an additional 20 million people on welfare. Way to go Obama!


The economy for the middle class folks is just plain awful.  I guess Obama doesn’t live in the middle class no more.  Obama has hurt the economy. His economy is the worse it has been in modern history. You know the expression, the economy has fallen and it can’t get up. Some one has to explain to the people that when you elect a president who never created a single solitary job in his whole life, that he will know bupkis when it comes to the American economy.


And remember dear citizens and illegals that the liberals had full control of the Obama Whitehouse, and Congress for 2 years. They were so concerned about taking taxpayer money and rewarding their friends that they forgot about the economy. People seem to forget that when it comes to the economy, liberals and commies have no clue. Ask the ghost of FDR?


Many people brag about FDR. He implemented some of the same liberal concepts   that are dragging down the economy today. They talked about national health care back then. You can always find unconscionable liberals when the economy really doesn’t need them.


Now for the rich folks, they have no confidence in the Obama economy. If they have no confidence in the Obama economy, they can afford to hold on to their money until the next president comes along. Worse then that, Obama’s advisors like Buffet and Immelt those rich folks will spend their money in other countries. They will wait until America rejects the liberal principles of Obama and until America begins to support capitalism. And they will return with their money once the liberal American government gets out of the way for the power of capitalism.


The Senior citizen folks who may still have money left, have no where to put their money to earn safe and secure interest. Idiot Obama seems to be more concerned about making money for the banking industry by folks foolishly refinancing their homes that have been driven down in value by the liberals and Democrats of 2008. This is instead of providing a safe haven for retiring folks to make a decent return on their money so they can live out the remainder of their years without having to wait for the government to give them a handout. But isn’t that what the liberal commies want… People dependent on the government!


So on the economy the liberals give Obama an A+. After all it was not Obama’s fault that he was ill prepared to fix the economy. And there is not a shred of evidence that he will be able to fix it in the future. For the rest of the country, Obama gets an F-. Put it another way, if we closed down the Obama government, we might be better off economically.


Obama likes to blame President Bush, but with Obama being over 40 months in his reign of terror as a liberal dictator, we have to stop blaming everyone else and blame the Amateur Obama.


Even the NY Times one of the most liberal newspapers in the world declared Obama’s recent numbers as “Puny”.  The liberals can’t imagine their way out of this one.


Same sex marriage as a national law seems to creep into the Obama picture.  Obama opened the door and Obama gets another F for opening up Pandora’s Box when no one was asking.


Obama’s cronies came up with another lie. And Obama repeated it. Obama claims that he is the least spending president since President Eisenhower. That means Obama doesn’t even want to take credit for all his failed policies from his first year in office. You know in 10 years he will also not be taking credit for all the failed policies connected with ObamaCare.


Recently Obama was selling raffle tickets for a lunch with Clinton and Obama. I wonder who gets to pick up the tab. People seem to forget that it was Clinton who signed NAFTA and started to send all those American Jobs to China and Mexico. The Clintons seem to have tons of money, how about you? So for public relations Obama gets a D.


Obama’s truth team must be working over time. They fabricate more spins and lies in a week then Clinton during the Monica scandal. But I need to ask you one question. Clinton should have come clean about Monica from the very beginning. It might have hurt Hillary’s chances to win the senate seat, but wouldn’t you feel better about Clinton?


What if, Obama began to tell the truth? The American people are tired of his lies and they have lost confidence in Obama and his policies. What if he came out tomorrow and admitted he screwed up. Like a sports team owner, let’s say he fired all his Commie advisors and he claimed that he brought in some real capitalists not socialists to fix the American Economy. What if he said he and Lady Obama would stop spending all that American money that we don’t have and they would stay put in Washington and he would work to fix the economy and get out of the way so capitalism could prevail!


The problem with liars like Edwards, Clinton and Obama is that the average person no longer believes them. It was just a thought. I guess Obama better keep on lying. At least some people will believe his lies. But on November 6, 2012 the voters of The United States of America get to sign off on the final Obama report card!

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