Its Not My Fault

By: William P. Frasca

The constant words administered out of the mouth of our President Barack Hussein Obama ever since his questionable oath of office was his inheritance of our regressing national economy. He relentlessly announced to us all that it was the worse financial disaster since the Great Depression.

So to relieve some pressure, the most logical and closest whipping post he had was President George W. Bush. He accused him as being the culprit, the incompetent one that put us all into such turmoil. When an individual blames someone else for their anticipated actions, it is quite evident that while placing the spotlight on someone else, it hides all their blemishes. In other words, Obama had no clue on how to fix the problem, but to spend and spend and spend, placing us further into debt.

He hoped that Socialism and Communism would bail him out, but he forgot one thing, and that was to read history. If he did he would have realized that these ideologies failed miserably in the past, bankrupting and degrading all who followed, placing them deeper into a financial hole of depression. The answer was right under his nose, which is Capitalism, and it works. He totally ignored and still ignoring this established successful form of government. He was in over his head, clueless and he knows it?

Obama is the great communicator of blowing his own horn, using all these tools at his disposal, such as lies, innuendoes fiction and fantasy, when describing his regal sense of made up capabilities. He is truly a legend in his own mind. He continually reminds us that without his leadership, we would be worse off than we are today.

This broken record of non-sense together with his vanity and sarcastically nicknamed the Master of Disaster has put a stake into our hearts, relating not only to our failing, inflated economy, but also diminishing the strength and fortitude of the American people. Instead of building our confidences he literally broke down our will to achieve, making us dependents of the government.

This so-called self anointed Messiah complex, towards the American people has had a reverse Midas touch. Everything he and his appointed lackeys initiated turned to lead. Our tax dollars and money spent has been wasted on such programs as Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers/Appliances and increased entitlement handouts, private sector bailouts and the stimulus. He had absolutely no plan to increase private employment or the housing market. Corruption and paybacks for Obama’s loyal subjects have increased without any decent conscience or scruples referring to corporations such as General Electric that pay hardly any taxes, and have continued perks under this Administration.

Their CEO/Chairman Jeff Immelt also has the audacity to accept a position on Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Which was established to creat jobs and increase private investment into the United States. Yet Mr. Immelt sees fit to escalate and expand his Company oversees, while increasing their profits and investments in a reduced tax and regulatory atmosphere in other corpoartaion friendly Countries throughout the world.

This will obviously helps these Countries unemployment status, and also raise their standard of living, bringing in added revenue, but what about us? This was naturally intended for the for the United States, as he was appointed to do so, by Obama. Why assist any Company with this philosphy, that milks America dry, turns their backs on the people that are forced to contribute to their greed, with their tax dollars, just because they are in bed with Obama.

Isn’t it so ironic that in the year 2012 of the 21st Century that more and more individuals are not taking any responsibilities for their own actions? There are always excuses?

A murderer, a violent offender, a thief, a bully, the dropout, a dope addict, a drunk or any despicable individual, who takes pleasure out of the misery of others have a justified explanation or an alibi. They always have a sad story that forced them into their predicament, but never free will. They’ll never admit to any accountability for their own sick behavior, it always someone or something else that made them do it?

The bleeding heart liberals either blame the parents, bigotry, racism, prejudice, America, lack of education, the system, the police, the judges, the laws, the Republicans, The Conservatives their childhood, society, their environment, but never the accused. There’s always enough fault to go around that would exonerate the biggest violations know to man. It’s always the other persons responsibilities never mine; I’m only a used and abused innocent bystander.

Naturally, all of those who are allegedly charged with greed, corruption and incompetence are assumed innocent, because in this Country a person is innocent until proven guilty, but where and when does the accountability start and end? So far we heard very little answerability from the Obama Administration, in over (3) three years while some elected and appointed officials involved still remain in office, with no action taken against them, such as Attorney General Eric Holder.

Obama still, to this day, doesn’t take any responsibilities for his actions. Will he ever man up to his elected status as Leader of the Free World, or will he keep his self imposed crutch, George Bush. Odds are he won’t, he’ll keep the crutch! He was given a free ride by the main stream media. He was considered untouchable because of the color of his skin. No one could contradict his imbecilic programs and procedures because an individual would be immediately labeled and chastised as a racist. His vetting was non-existent during his Presidential candidacy in 2008.

These self imposed and made up defensive propaganda wall from the left has almost diminished into oblivion. People are now questioning and scrutinizing his actions. He is the President of Our Country, a man, not God, and must answer to the will of the people and not his narcissist inflated ego of grandeur. He’s out of touch, he’s actually believes his own fantasies, but the American people have finally come to their senses. They were expecting a Mosses to lead them out of the financial desert of ruination instead they were burdened with a Pontius Pilate who washed his hands of their pleas, hardships and miseries.

His strategy is not fool proof. It is developing holes and glitches in his shinny armor. This will manufacture into potential ramifications of backfiring into a more serious elaborate nightmare of legal and unpopular negativity, causing a faithless environment of mistrust and lack of confidence.

Has all decency and self respect completely vanished from our society? Should there always be an excuse made for any and all violators from incompetence to criminals? This must change, and it will, if we want it to. We the people have the power. No excuses. May the Good Lord please bless and protect America from leadership and ourselves, before it’s too late!

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