It’s Time to Clean House

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s a common statement that the founding fathers wouldn’t recognize our government, much less approve of it. And while reasonable people can debate that statement it is a sentiment that I agree with. America has strayed from its constitutional roots, the people feel that they are no longer in charge, and that the country’s best days are behind it. It this decline permanent? I don’t believe so. We’ve seen America in the doldrums before, and we’ve seen America recover. The malaise of Carter was replaced by the economic drive of the Reagan years. The misery of the Wilson years was replaced by the rapid growth the country saw under Presidents Harding and Coolidge. The recession under President Truman was replaced by the economic strength of President Eisenhower. But it’s more than economics. The American people must not just fix the economic and fiscal issues we must address the issues that weaken the country and deprive the people of their constitutional freedoms.

1. Secure the border. We don’t hear much talk about this like we did five or six years ago. This is largely due to the bad economic times. Illegal immigrants can’t find work anymore and are going back home. And while any dip in illegal immigration is a welcome thing we have to recognize that it’s only temporary unless we’re actually in control of our border. If illegal immigration is going down why should this be an issue? First of all there are still about 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, so it’s still a problem even if the minute men aren’t in the news publicizing it. Secondly there are the economic costs associated with illegal immigration. Schooling, medical treatment(the cost of ER visits that they never pay)and welfare benefits. Most illegal immigrants receive some kind of government assistance. For example 3/4 of Mexican immigrants receive some kind of state assistance. It’s one of the reasons that California is all but bankrupt. This costs the taxpayers billions upon billions of dollars every year. Secondly there is the toll on crime and safety. The border regions are now some of the most dangerous places in America. The cartels are very active along the border smuggling drugs, guns, and people. They murder, they kidnap, they commit all kinds of crimes against American citizens. The government owes it to its people to protect them from such violence. Then there is the poliitcal cost. Most immigrants from Mexico and Central America are to the left. That why Democrats and the Obama administration, are pushing for amnesty of illegal immigrants. California was once a solidly Republicans state. No more. It had voted GOP in 1952, 1956, 1960, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, and 1988. Since 1988 it has gone for the Democrats by a wide margin. This is because the demographic shift brought by illegal immigrants. The Democrats want to repeat this in as many states as possible. Demographics does matter. A nation founded by Anglo Saxons is not going to be the same country if it becomes a nations of Hispanics. If this were to happen the Democrats would have a permanent majority, and if the Democrats are in charge we can forget about restoring a constitutional government. While immigration is slowing the American people must demand action. First build a wall across the border. The border sees so much crime and migration because there is no one to stop them along the border. The Border Patrol is undermanned and there are no troops along the border, so a wall is needed. E-verify must be made mandatory. Any business that refuses to comply should be stripped of its license, and lastly socials services must be denied to illegal immigrants. No instate tuition, no welfare, no anchor babies, if you’re breaking the law you shouldn’t benefit from it.

2. Term limits. Having a government that follows the constitution is hard enough as it is, it becomes downright impossible when the same group of Congressman and Senators are in power for decades. They barely can find their district or state on a map, don’t even worry about the voters, and don’t listen to their constituents, or care about the constitution. It was never intended that people would serve decades in Congress. In arguing for the constitution Alexander Hamilton(the most maligned of our founding fathers) believed that the House of Representatives would be an amateur citizens legislature, where the people would serve a term or two and then go home. Sadly this has not been the case. Many representatives serve a decade or more. A representative is more likely to die in office or retire after a long career than he is to be voted out. This makes a mockery of the citizen legislature and replaces it with a body of professional lawmakers who choose their constituents more than their constituents choose them. Congress must be term limited(the Senate could be exempted from term limits if the state legislatures went back to electing them). A citizen legislature must be made up of citizens, who are temporary lawmakers. No one should serve more than three terms. This would bring in new people, cut down on corruption, weaken special interests, and bring in new ideas. Secondly, forbid state legislatures from drawing congressional lines. Elected officials shouldn’t be allowed to choose their districts and select their own constituents. Independent, non partisan, commissions should be responsible for drawing the lines. Demographics, voting trends, and party registration should not be considered. Districts should be compact, not contorted, but most importantly Congressmen should not go decades in Washington. It’s time for then citizens to remind Congress that they control them, not the other way around.

3. Make Americas economy benefit America. Our constitutional government is threatened because our sovereignty is threatened, and that is threatened because our economic independence is being eroded. You can’t have economic independence when you’re 14 trillion dollars in debt to China, Saudi Arabia, and every other dictatorship in the world. But it’s not all foreign governments. It’s too much debt wracked up by this administration. It’s too much red tape and too many taxes that prevent businesses from hiring. This is not an irreversible weakness. America is not a poor nation and if we ever become one it will be our own fault. We need to cut taxes and regulations, and slash spending. But that’s not enough. We need to supply our own energy needs. We’ve been talking about this since the 1973 oil embargo, but we’ve done nothing about it. We have billions of barrels of oil in ANWR, in the sand tars, off our coasts, we have natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, and more coal than anyone. Our energy prices should be lowest in the world, but our own government restricts us, and forbids us from using our own resources. We have iron, copper, gold, silver, timber, if we fail to use these resources it’s only because we let the EPA get away with economic murder. What we don’t drill or mine, some other country will. We need to cut taxes on all, we need to close tax loopholes so that 1/2 of all Americans don’t pay taxes. We need to cut the capital gains tax, we need to cut the corporate income tax(ours is the highest in the world). We should cut taxes on manufacturing and mining, and cut regulations that stop people from starting businesses. We should impose tariffs on countries that are our enemies, that manipulate their currencies, and take advantage of us.

These are just some of the things that need to be done, but if we take these steps America can find itself out of the doldrums and back to prestige and prosperity.

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