Somebody Doesn’t Get It

By: Brooks A. Mick

After the Wisconsin recall vote failed to replace Scott Walker, Ed Schultz, the bad-tempered, frequently foul-mouthed left-wing talk show host, had this to say:

And 38 percent of union households voted for Scott Walker. That’s even more amazing. I tell you, I don’t understand it. I don’t get it. This guy has gone after your wages, he has gone after your pension, he wants to limit your voice in the workplace. And union families in Wisconsin, you voted for him? . . .

This is a common complaint from the left.  Why do voters vote against their own self-interest?  That is, why do voters sometimes vote against taking more benefits from government?  It is heard when the TEA Party folks, mostly older, Social Security and Medicare age people, vote for measures that might well curtail their benefits?

Why indeed?

Could it be that some people are not so self-centered and shortsighted that they do not realize they are spoiling any chance at prosperity for their children and grandchildren by voting for more benefits today?  Are some people actually concerned more with the future of their children and the human race in general than they are in grasping for more benefits for themselves today?

Are some people as selfless as the mother cat who went back into a burning building several times, burning her fur and inhaling smoke and flames, but nevertheless bringing to safety kitten after kitten?

Can some ordinary citizens show as much patriotism, in their own way, as do our soldiers who risk all for the sake of their fellow humans?

Can we understand that even if Ed Schultz cannot?

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