It’s Time to Clean House (part two)

By: Craig Chamberlain

Last time the case was made that the American people are not in charge of their own country anymore. There’s too much government and the people that we elect to represent us don’t listen to us. The argument that securing the border, term limits for Congress, and making the economy work for the American people were essential to get the country back to a position of prosperity and power. Now it’s time to discuss a few more points to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. So here’s numbers 4-6.

4) Reclaiming our culture. People think that talking about culture is intolerant. That’s it is inherently condemning of people who are different. But there is something undeniably wrong with the culture in our country, our moral compass, are sense of right and wrong is broken. There was a time when American culture was fiercely patriotic. Not so today. Post modernism and moral subjectivism are now the main lines of thought in America. Can you imagine a song writer of today writing a song like God Bless America? Me neither. Today any song extolling patriotism would be denounced as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and any other thing they can think to smear someone.

Anti Americanism pervades Hollywood because anti Americanism sells well in international markets, and because we let them get away with it. Our films are our face to the world. It’s no wonder so many people hate America when Hollywood habitually tells them that we’re as bad as the third Reich. When Lady Gaga is the face of American culture we know we’ve slid into culture decadence that might well bring us down from within. Obviously we cannot ban Lady Gaga from “singing” or stop Hollywood from filling foreign theaters with Anti American propaganda. But that doesn’t mean that we have to take it.

Where conservatives compete with liberals, conservatives win. Liberals only dominate in areas where they have a mandated monopoly or where conservatives have ceded the field of battle. The latter is usually the case. Liberals dominate academia, media, entertainment, and the arts because, for the most part, conservatives don’t bother to go into those fields. That needs to change. In some areas it already has. In the media conservatives dominate talk radio,(which enrages the left to no end) and Fox News is the strongest among cable news sources. But make no mistake: the left dominates the media. Of Americas top newspapers only two, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal lean to the right. The rest are well to the left. NBC, ABC, CBS, are to the extreme left and are so in the tank for President Obama that you expect them to wear his campaign buttons.

Conservatives need to get involved in these institutions or we will never be able to change them. We need to stop watching, and stop buying the crap that the entertainment industry puts out there. We need to end tax subsidies of this nonsense. No more NEA, no more crucifixes in jars of urine, no more Virgin Mary’s smeared in dung. Conservatives need to fight the secessionist impulse. Whenever radicals take over a cultural institution whether it be a university, a network, the theater, or a church, we break away and form our own conservative alternative. Conservatives aren’t fighting to reclaim the Episcopal church, they’re quitting. We allow Marxists to take over the elite universities while we start new ones that aren’t nearly as influential. We need to retake Harvard and Yale, not start some new Christian school in the Midwest. Culture matters. It reflects our country, and it’s not reflecting anything good.

5) Finding a sane foreign policy. If culture reflects what we are on the inside our foreign policy is our political face to the world, and it’s not pretty. American foreign policy has an eight year shelf life at best. Containment was replaced by Detente, with was replaced by Reagan’s roll back of Communism, Bush’s realism, Clinton’s diplomatic schizophrenia, George W. Bush’s idealism, and President Obama’s appeasement.

There is no continuity in our foreign policy and that presents a strategic problem. Partisan changes in government mean foreign policy changes. If you’re an enemy of America all you have to do is switch strategies depending on who is in power. If the Democrats control the White House you can pretty much get away with anything you want. If the GOP is in charge they have to behave themselves. Wouldn’t it be better if our enemies behaved themselves, and were afraid of American power regardless of which party is in power? Should we be isolationist, of interventionist? Idealistic or realistic?

These aren’t really the right questions. America has always been a nation of idealists, so the idealistic impulse in foreign policy will never entirely vanish. Not that we should want to erase the idealism of America. What we need is balance and a recognition of our interests. Diplomacy and military force should not be in contention with one another, but working together for the good of the country. The left is afraid of using military force on stronger enemies. This is why we attacked Libya, but not Syria. Where there is a risk of casualties the Democrats will shrink from it. Republican presidents are perceived as being afraid of negotiating for fear of looking weak. This isn’t entirely true, but Republican diplomacy gets little credit for its accomplishments.

Above all our foreign policy must be motivated by national interests. When we take random action around the world, when there seems to be no interest or benefit to the country that is when the opposition is the loudest. When our elected officials cannot explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, why American lives are put in danger that’s when disunity is rampant.

Taking out the Taliban, for example, made sense. They worked hand in glove with a terrorist organization that killed 3,000 Americans. The American people couldn’t quite see the rationale in taking out Qaddafi and replacing him with an Islamist government that, if anything, is even more hostile to the United States. When we’re not motivated by national good we waste blood and treasure, divide the country, and make us weaker. No one wants to go int country’s that don’t affect us one way or the other, we don’t want to, and cant, garrison the world. Yet we don’t want to sell out our allies or allow atrocities to happen. America can’t be a powerful, respected nation, if we don’t have a rational foreign policy to deal with the rest of the world.

6)Getting a real education. Sadly, our children are our future. If that thought doesn’t fill you with despair and dread you must be Pollyanna. Why is this such a disaster for our country? From kindergarten to grad school students have their heads filled with the P.C. leftist propaganda. Teachers unions are more concerned with protecting pedophile teachers than they are in teaching. They have a government monopoly so educators and administrators have total control and can do whatever they want when it comes to children and their education. It’s no wonder that the younger generation favors gay marriage when they have been raised on “Heather Has Two Mommies”. They can’t tell you the state capitol of Michigan, or tell you the multiplication tables, but they sure feel good about themselves. It’s no wonder they favor the Buffet Rule when they aren’t taught economics.

What to do? We must allow for total school choice. We can choose any university we want. Yet the government chooses where we go to school until then. Imagine if grocery stores were run on the same principle. You’d have to shop at the store closest to you, the lack of competition would raise food prices through the roof, service would be even worse, after all it’s not like you can go somewhere else. If free market principles were applied to education you might actually see American students get educated. Let parents decide where their children will be educated, Washington needs to be reminded that the children of America don’t belong to them, but to their families.

When it comes to the universities the government must use the power of the purse to bring them in line. If they receive federal money then they must be held responsible for how the teach their students. Withhold federal money from schools that don’t allow ROTC, discriminates against Christians, or impinge on academic freedom and turn the lecture hall into a brainwashing session. Fear of losing funds might get them in line. Alumni shouldn’t give money to their Alma Mater if that school is a bastion of leftist intolerance. Schools are there to educate, not indoctrinate. We cannot be a great nation if we’re a nation of ignoramuses.

These changes are needed to fix America, to break the power of cultural, educational, and bureaucratic elites who answer to no one but themselves. Our nation is in debt, has no leadership, and we can’t expect solutions from Washington. Patriotic Americans must take matters into their own hands and solve things themselves.

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